The Chariot as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

The Chariot, a card drenched in symbolism, is often associated with determination, control, and a forward-moving energy. But how does this translate into emotions? How does the swift-paced energy of The Chariot shape our feelings? If these questions have been racing across your mind, then you’re in the right place!

Steer your curiosity our way as we delve into the profound connection between The Chariot and the world of emotions. This remarkable card, with its strong imagery of a triumphant warrior, can teach us valuable lessons about our emotional state.

Just like the rider of The Chariot controlling his horses, understanding this card can empower us to take control of our emotional reins, steering towards growth and discovery.

Upright Chariot as Feelings

When The Chariot appears upright in a tarot reading, it brings a surge of empowering emotions. The rider standing proud and victorious mirrors feelings of triumph and self-confidence. Have you been feeling an uplifted sense of self-belief brush against your emotions recently? The Chariot acknowledges this rising confidence and reinforces the belief that you can indeed conquer any challenges thrown your way.

Control and direction are other strong sentiments associated with the upright Chariot. Suppose your emotions have felt like wild horses lately – powerful but unsteady – the Chariot might signal the need for a firmer hand on the reins. Assertive control over your emotions does not mean suppressing them, but rather leading them in a manner that aids your journeys.

The Chariot also shines a light on feelings of determination and resilience. Have you ever been so focused towards a goal that all you feel is a single-minded dedication, an unstoppable force powering you onward? In such moments, the Chariot heralds this forward charge and encourages you to maintain this momentum.

Yet, The Chariot isn’t all about speed and potency; it upholds balance too. This card nudges towards feelings of equilibrium amidst all the motion. It’s about managing the yin and yang of your emotions, ensuring that both the powerful and the delicate feelings you possess are in harmony.

Reversed Chariot as Feelings

As we turn The Chariot upside down, the emotions it represents must also be examined from a new perspective. This reversed position unveils sentiments that are still powerful but may be subtler or on the flip side of the upright aspect.

The reversed Chariot is like a gentle tap on the brakes. If you’ve been going full steam ahead, pouring your unwavering focus into a single quest, the reversed Chariot suggests that it might be time to pause and take stock. The emotions linked with this position can often feel like a slow, creeping awareness that tells you to recalibrate your plans or priorities.

Sometimes, the reversed Chariot reflects feelings of losing control or direction. Does it seem like control over the reins of your emotions has slipped away, leaving you feeling aimless or unfocused? In its inverted position, this card acknowledges these emotions and encourages you to regain your confidence and guidance.

Another emotional signpost that the reversed Chariot can present is self-doubt. Unlike the upright card’s messages of triumph and confidence, this position points towards feelings of hesitation or uncertainty. It could be that nagging sensation of doubt you’re experiencing, making you question your actions or decisions. By spotlighting these emotions, the reversed Chariot helps you address them and ultimately gain clarity.

Lastly, the reversed Chariot might indicate feelings of overconfidence. Are you zooming ahead so fast that you risk losing control over your emotions? This card warns you that going too fast can trip you up and lead to setbacks. It’s essential to find balance and ensure that the reins of your emotions are not dictated by excessive pride or ambition alone.

Final Thoughts

We trust you found this expedition both informative and inspiring. And remember, The Chariot encourages you to harness the reins of your feelings and stride forth with confidence, balance, and resilience in all emotional scenarios.

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