Queen Pentacles as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

Located in the suit of Pentacles, the Queen, with her deep earthy undertones, is known as a figure of abundance, practicality, and nurturing energy. She embodies an atmosphere of comfort, stability, and unwavering care, lending a unique blend of emotion to the tarot tableau.

But how does this earthly Queen influence our ocean of feelings? What emotions does her nurturing touch kindle within us? How can connecting to her grounded wisdom help navigate our emotional landscape?

Upright queen pentacles as feelings

With the essence of Earth element in her dominion, the Queen of Pentacles carries an emotional depth that mirrors her practicality and nurturing soul.

Nurturing Warmth

At the heart of the Queen of Pentacles lies a nurturing warmth. When she shows up in the context of a feeling, you could be experiencing a surge of care and affection, not just towards others but also towards yourself. This card reflects feelings of motherly love, comfort, and a propensity to ensure well-being for all.

Stability and Security

The Queen of Pentacles also conveys feelings of stability and security. When she graces your spread, you may sense a wave of assurance washing over you. She embodies feelings of safety, soothing any emotional chaos and instilling a profound sense of calmness and serenity.

Lush Generosity

Embodied in the Queen is a lush generosity. She invites feelings of bountifulness, sharing, and selfless giving. The Queen of Pentacles as feelings may signify a state where you are abounding with love or material assets that you’re enthusiastic about sharing with your loved ones or even extending a helping hand to those in need.

Sensual Pleasure

Blossoming in the Queen’s fields is a sensual pleasure drawn from surrounding comforts. The Queen of Pentacles could represent feelings of profound sensual, earthly enjoyment, appreciating the beauty, comforts, and abundance life offers – be it food, nature, or pure love.

Grounded Practicality

Last but not least, the Queen of Pentacles brings forth grounded practicality to our feelings. When she appears, your emotions might be in sync with realistic expectations and a sensible outlook on life. Her influence ensures feelings are rooted firmly in reality.

Reversed queen pentacles as feelings

While emotions underlying the reversed card may seem to challenge or unsettle us, their inherent wisdom can be valuable stepping stones to personal development.

Overwhelmed Caregiver

In her inverted stance, the Queen of Pentacles could signify the feeling of being an overwhelmed caregiver. You may be experiencing emotional exhaustion from providing constant, unreciprocated support to others. This card may suggest reassessing boundaries and practising self-care to prevent burnout.

Insecurity and Instability

When reversed, the Queen of Pentacles hints at feelings of insecurity and instability. A sense of emotional uncertainty catches the ride as your internal anchor loses its footing. It might be time to re-establish balance within yourself, nurture self-trust, and restore emotional steadiness.

Selfishness and Materialism

The Reversed Queen may also emphasize egocentric feelings of selfishness and materialism. With emotions veering towards material possessions and self-serving interests, you risk losing sight of deeper emotional connections. The card invites you to reevaluate priorities and nurture spiritual and emotional wealth.

Emotional Disconnection

A sense of emotional disconnection from the world often emerges with the reversed Queen of Pentacles. This card indicates feelings of isolation and lack of warmth in relationships. It urges gentle introspection to identify the root of this detachment, seeking ways to rekindle passion, warmth, and emotional connectivity.

Impracticality and Disorganization

Finally, the Reversed Queen of Pentacles can signify feelings of impracticality and disorganization. Dispersed thoughts influence emotions, clouding the clarity needed to make grounded decisions. Now’s the time to re-focus, streamline emotions, and cultivate a more practical and organized mindset.

Final Thoughts

We have ventured into the verdant landscape of the Upright Queen of Pentacles, unraveling feelings of warmth, security, and generosity. We also marveled at the valuable lessons learned from the emotions underlying the Reversed Queen that urge self-discovery and personal growth.

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