The World as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

The World represents a culmination of journeys, success, and the completion of life’s cycles, all weaving together in a vibrant tapestry. This card symbolizes the achievement of wholeness and Harmony, a sense of personal Contentment and victory. With its meaningful connection to completion and new beginnings, The World opens up a captivating emotional landscape, inviting us to explore and cherish the emotions it evokes.

How does this elegant card influence our feelings? Are its emotional undertones more similar to jubilation or Contentment? And how does this “World of Emotions” shape our perspective on both endings and new beginnings?

Upright World as feelings

In its upright state, The World signifies feelings of accomplishment, completion, fulfilment, Harmony, and Contentment.

Accomplishment is a crucial emotion tied to the upright World. When this card shows up, you may feel a sense of pride, knowing that you’ve achieved a significant milestone or completed a challenging task. This isn’t simply about finishing something; it’s about relishing in the success that comes with it.

Feelings of Completion underpin the essence of The World. You may feel a sense of closure, a well-rounded finish that brings satisfaction. This feeling mirrors the symbolic completion of a cycle, where things have come full circle, leaving you with a sense of wholeness.

Fulfillment is another emotion associated with the upright World. This card often represents a state of emotional satisfaction when your needs and desires are met. It’s feeling fulfilled in different aspects of your life, be it personal growth, relationships, career, or spiritual development.

The World symbolises Harmony – a sense of peaceful balance and accord. This Harmony can spread across various aspects of life, making you feel at peace internally and externally. It’s a state of emotional equilibrium that suggests all parts of your life work together.

The World embodies feelings of Contentment – a sense of peaceful satisfaction with yourself and your achievements. It represents an inner state of quiet joy, a resounding affirmation that things are as they should be, bestowing a lasting sense of tranquillity and bliss.

Reversed the World as feelings

When reversed, The World can symbolize feelings of incompletion, delayed fulfilment, stagnation, Unpreparedness, and Disconnection.

Incompletion is a critical emotion linked with the reversed World. This could indicate a sense of things being left undone or goals not yet met. The nagging feeling hanging over your head that something is not complete signifies this card’s energy in its reversed state.

Feelings of Delayed Fulfillment too have associations with the reversed World. You might find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, with joy at the brink yet elusively staying out of reach. It’s like the finish line is in sight, but the race isn’t over yet.

Stagnation can also ensue when feeling the reversed World. It may reflect a state of emotional immobility or lacking progression despite the efforts exerted. The sensation that time is standing still and that you’re not moving forward can encapsulate this feeling.

Another emotional theme the reversed World mirrors is Unpreparedness. This could represent feelings of anxiety or hesitation about being unable to take the next steps or feeling unready for the ending or beginning of a cycle.

The reversed World embodies feelings of Disconnection. Whether it’s a distancing from others, your goals, or your own emotions, a sense of being unaligned and detached may creep in with this card’s reversal.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of its positioning, The World reminds us of the beautiful dance of life, swirling within us and enfolding us in its myriad of emotional hues. As we navigate the highs and lows of feelings associated with The World, it becomes a compass of our hearts, leading us to greater clarity and purpose.

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