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We’ve both been through a lot, and we know you have too. So our mission is to create/offer programs aligned with our values (adventure, health & wellness, authenticity, spirituality, service) that feed career-minded women’s spirits and help them discover an inspired lifestyle through adventure so they may live a happy and healthy life uninhibited by dis-ease. After completing our adventure retreats and coaching programs, you will be more confident in who you are, more excited about your life, have more power to live healthier and have a stronger impact on those in your life.Our social commitment tied to this is to give 1% of our revenue, 1% of our time and 1% of our services to women diagnosed with dis-ease, fighting through, or recovering from dis-ease.

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Coach Glitz (Stephen Glitzer)

Coach Glitz (Stephen Glitzer)

Certified Health and Wellness Coach | Life Coach | Chef | Author | Speaker

I am first and foremost a foodie. Preparing dinners for family and friends since the age of 16, I have become known for re-creating culinary masterpieces with the goal of cleaning up the ingredients in an effort to feed people and teach them a healthier way of eating. Knowing my methods of cooking were not always healthy and having some health concerns I began studying nutrition and soon attended Dr. McDougall’s immersion program in Santa Rosa, CA. Inspired by my shift in knowledge and passion, I went to and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2015. My big moves, layoffs, marriage, divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other life situations that impact many people on their journeys give me a broad perspective in helping my clients find their way to a more fulfilling life.

My passions go beyond my role as a coach as well! I am the father of a teenage boy and live in the mountains. I enjoy doing things that scare me, working out, being in nature, working with wood, hiking, fishing, cycling, and diving into deep conversations of philosophy and spirituality with friends and family around the fire.

Life, it’s the grand adventure!

Coach Susan (Golicic), PhD

Coach Susan (Golicic), PhD

Certified Relationship and Communication Coach | Life Coach | Certified Sommelier | Speaker

On the outside, I had built an incredibly successful life – secure career, strong reputation in my field, busy social life. On the inside I didn’t know who I was and was afraid I would never find happiness. I was in my mid-40s, my second marriage was failing, I was burned out from working 70+ hours a week for years, I no longer knew how to have fun, and my mother, who had always been my biggest supporter, suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and had little desire to recover. I knew I had to face what had become of my life in order to be strong for my mom; I had to be brave enough to take off my mask and see who I really was, re-engage with my inner child, and learn to love who I was.

My life gifted me with a second chance – a chance to no longer abandon myself but to honor myself…to dare greatly, rise strong, and re-vision my own life. Becoming a life coach and adventure avenger has enabled me to embrace my vulnerability, express my authenticity, create healthy and deeply fulfilling relationships, and realize my “why”. My passion is to help others empower their inner strength to be authentic and adventurous in their lives so that they don’t have to go through the pain I did.

Our wellness journey should be an adventure, so I am constantly seeking it for myself. I spend quality time having fun with my closest connections (including my cat Leppard, my mom, and my adventure partners). I fuel my spirit through running, hiking, playing outdoors, challenging myself, traveling, volunteering, cooking, a good glass of wine and enhancing connections with those in my tribe!

I would be honored to help you on your wellness adventure!

We are part of the You Define Wellness provider network – an employee benefit plan with various wellness options!

The coaches have a regular column in Women of Denver Magazine and have been featured on/in ABCs Mile High LivingRegenerate Magazine, Sip on Life Magazine, Women of Denver TV, Yes, You Can podcast, Wine Two Five podcast, Career Cairns podcast, An Evening with Brock on Clear Creek radio, and cited in Best Life Magazine, Healthy Way Magazine, Up Journey Magazine, and Bustle Magazine.

Susan was interviewed by VoyageDenver Trailblazers as an inspiring woman in the Denver area! Check out Susan describing what it means to live uninhibitedly on Women of Denver TV and discussing adventure as part of the Defining Wellness Confab! Listen to Coach Glitz explaining how to be bold and present on Yes, You Can, a podcast for inspiring entrepreneurs and discussing nutrition and healthy eating habits as part of the Defining Wellness Confab

 We believe in holistic wellness, and every individual is different. What you need and want to improve your wellness will differ from what someone else needs. We have developed partnerships with various wellness professionals to offer you easy and reliable access to other modalities you may need to accomplish your wellness goals. 

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