The Moon as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

For centuries, our celestial neighbor has intrigued us. The Moon‘s mystical allure finds a mirror in tarot, whispering intuitive hints and shining a light on the hidden corners of our feelings and emotions.

If the Moon’s radiance has captivated you in your recent readings, or if you’re simply curious about the emotional layers this tarot card holds, you’re in the right place! No tarot decoder is needed here; we aim to demystify The Moon for everyone.

Upright Moon as Feelings

When the Moon is viewed upright in a reading, it often implies we’re entering a realm of hidden emotions, intuition, and sometimes, uncertainty. It’s like standing on a dimly lit beach; the dark waters symbolize the unknown, the lunar light, your intuition, guiding you as you navigate these mysterious tides.

Are you feeling a wee bit bewildered of late? The appearance of an upright Moon may be acknowledging these feelings of confusion or uncertainty within you. You could be on a subconscious rollercoaster, engulfed by emotions that leave a mysterious, dreamy haze around you. It might be hard to grasp, but acknowledging these feelings is already a step in the right direction.

Do you often find your intuition ringing an alarm or murmuring wisdom into your ear? The Moon might signal a time when your feelings are deeply interconnected with your intuition. It’s a gentle nudge, inviting you to trust this innate compass as you sail these emotional waters.

The upright Moon may also evoke feelings of creativity. Similar to how this celestial body borrows light from the sun to shine in the darkness, you might find your inner artist awakening, thriving in the realm of imagination and turning dreams into reality. It’s like having an emotional color palette bursting with shades yet to be named!

The Moon can also bring forth feelings deep-rooted in the subconscious, tucked away and forgotten until now. Feelings you didn’t realize were hiding under the surface may emerge under the Moon’s soft glow.

Reversed Moon as Feelings

When the Moon appears reversed in a reading, it shines light on a different side of our emotions. Have you ever felt like you’re coming out from a dense fog, and things are finally beginning to click? An emotional clarity that the reversed Moon often illuminates dawns after a period of confusion or uncertainty.

This mystical card can also spotlight those cheated feelings that we tend to bury deep within. Are feelings of deception, self-deception, or disappointment lurking within you? The reversed Moon gently reflects these emotions and brings them to the surface.

It’s like being granted an emotional check-up. It encourages you to confront these feelings, understand them, and eventually heal. Remember, acknowledging them is the first step toward emotional liberation!

Sometimes, the reversed Moon is like a nocturnal friend reminding you to trust your intuition when things feel off. That gnawing on your gut, that inexplicable discomfort, is often your intuition hinting that something might be amiss. In such moments, listen to these feelings and heed their wisdom.

Finally, while the upright Moon often highlights increased creativity, its reversed position could flag a blockage. If you’ve been feeling creatively stifled or stuck in an emotional rut, the reversed Moon is signaling the challenge and urging you to break through.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are a tarot novice or a seasoned reader, The Moon as Feelings broadens our emotional horizons, teaching us to navigate life’s highs and lows with the innate wisdom of our feelings. We hope this dialogic journey illuminated the path of your emotional exploration and left you with valuable insights to ponder and utilize.

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