The Star as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

The Star, standing majestically as the seventeenth card in the Major Arcana, beams brightly in the tarot sky. Iconic for its illumination, this card brings a wealth of optimism, hope, and healing. Its light provides a beacon of tranquillity in the darkness of the tarot journey, instilling a profound sense of calm and serenity.

So, how exactly does this shining Star influence our galaxy of emotions? What feelings do its gentle rays awaken within us? How can harnessing its celestial wisdom help us navigate our emotional seas?

Upright Star as Feelings

The upright Star symbolizes feelings of hope, inspiration, spiritual Guidance, Positivity, and Rejuvenation.

Hope is a defining emotion associated with the upright Star. This card brings a sense of optimism and a bright outlook for the future. In darker times, The Star emerges as a celestial reminder of the ever-present hope, soothing our souls with the gentle whispers of better times ahead.

Feelings of Inspiration are closely linked to The Star. Its sparkling presence encourages you to tap into your inner creativity, dreams, and desires. The Star illuminates the path towards realizing your potential, instilling a spark that kindles your passions and purposes.

Spiritual Guidance is another key emotion connected to the upright Star. The card represents spiritual growth and a deepening connection to the spiritual realms, glowing as a beacon to guide your spiritual journey. The Star empowers you with feelings of celestial Guidance and support, assuring you that you are never alone in your quest.

The Star radiates waves of Positivity, cascading through the emotional fabric it weaves. This card creates a sense of Positivity and trust in the universe’s benevolence. It sheds light on our innate potential for happiness, urging us to take a step back, reset our minds, and focus on the bright side.

Lastly, The Star represents feelings of Rejuvenation. As a card of healing and renewal, its energy rejuvenates the spirit and heart. It promotes mending and restoration, helping you regain emotional balance and well-being after turbulent times.

Reversed Star as Feelings

The reversed Star signifies feelings of Hopelessness, disillusionment, lack of faith, Negativity, and Stagnation.

An overwhelming sense of Hopelessness often looms with the reversed Star. This feeling could echo a loss of hope or optimism, casting a shadow on your path. The once bright and guiding starlight seems to have dimmed, making the journey ahead appear daunting and unclear.

Disillusionment is another sentiment resonating with the reversed Star. You may feel as though you’ve been chasing after unrealistic dreams or expectations, causing disheartenment and disappointment. The Star you were following might seem distant or illusory, dropping a veil of disillusion over your emotional vision.

The reversed Star can also point towards a wavering Lack of Faith. This lack could be towards yourself, others, or the universe, stirring feelings of mistrust or disbelief. The once firm trust in divine Guidance begins to wobble, causing insecurity and confusion.

The card can usher in a phase of Negativity as well. This may lead to pessimistic outlooks, negative thinking, or excessive self-doubt. The nurturing starlight is eclipsed by stormy clouds of Negativity, affecting your emotional balance.

Feelings of Stagnation are tied to the reversed Star. You may feel as if your growth is stunted or your progress has halted, causing frustration and restlessness. The once twinkling Star seems to freeze, reflecting an emotional standstill or impasse.

Final Thoughts

The Star card has proven to illuminate our emotional journey, whether encountered in its upright radiance or its challenging reversed form. It has guided us to confront, accept, and maneuver through our feelings, allowing us to strengthen our emotional understanding and resilience.

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