Queen of Wands as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

Today, we’ll explore a topic that piques the curiosity of many tarot enthusiasts: the Queen of Wands as feelings. Often seen as a representation of passion and determination, this fiery queen has more than meets the eye.

Upright meaning of Queen of Wands as Feelings

When the Queen of Wands appears upright in your tarot reading, it signifies a warmth and vibrancy that’s difficult to ignore. This magnetic personality is not only alluring but also exudes confidence, passion, and emotional strength. So, what does that mean for you when this card represents your feelings?

Confidence and Self-assuredness

One key emotion the upright Queen of Wands conveys is confidence. She knows her worth and isn’t afraid to show it. If this card emerges in reading about your feelings, it’s likely that you’re feeling self-assured and aren’t dwelling on self-doubt. Embrace these feelings of confidence, letting them guide you in your personal and professional life.

Passion and Determination

The Queen of Wands is unquestionably passionate, driven by a fiery enthusiasm that’s infectious. When it comes to your emotions, this card points towards feelings of dedication and determination, whether it’s about a relationship, a project, or a personal goal. Channel this energy into your pursuits, making yourself feel ambitious and motivated.

Warmth and Generosity

Just as the Queen of Wands is known for her warmth and generosity, you may find yourself feeling open-hearted, affectionate, and nurturing when she appears in your reading. This could translate into being more loving and caring towards others, as well as allowing yourself to accept and welcome love from those around you. Don’t shy away from these sentiments; embrace them and let them flourish!


Finally, the upright Queen of Wands hints at feelings of creativity and inspiration. You may be experiencing a surge in imaginative and inventive ideas, fueling your desire to express yourself artistically or problem-solve in innovative ways. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity take the lead, as it may lead you to a newfound sense of fulfillment and joy.

Reversed meaning of Queen of Wands as Feelings

When the Queen of Wands is drawn in a reversed position, it’s time to delve deeper into introspection. As with every tarot card, the reversed Queen of Wands holds messages that are just as important as her upright counterpart.

Lack of Confidence and Self-Doubt

If the upright Queen of Wands represents confidence and self-assuredness, its reversal may signify feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. You might be questioning your abilities or worthiness. It’s essential to recognize and address these feelings – acknowledge your insecurities and work towards transforming self-doubt into self-assurance.

Diminished Passion

When reversed, the Queen of Wands might signal decreased personal motivation or enthusiasm. Are you feeling dispassionate about things that once excited you? It’s okay to have these feelings. It might be time for a reset, a moment to discover new passions or rekindle old ones.

Internalized Warmth

While the upright Queen of Wands showcases generosity and warmth outwardly, its reversal might mean you’re keeping your emotions close to the chest. If you’re feeling detached or withholding your affection, exploring the reasons behind this emotional withdrawal might be beneficial.

Stifled Creativity

The reversed Queen of Wands could be signifying stifled creativity. Feelings of being uncreative or uninspired often accompany this card. If you’re experiencing a creative block, try not to be too hard on yourself. Remember, every artist goes through such phases. You can try new methods, seek inspiration, or simply give yourself space to reignite that creative spark.

Final Thoughts

Remember, tarot is not about predicting the future or accurately diagnosing feelings. It’s a tool designed for introspection and self-growth, one that encourages us to delve deeper into our emotions. Whether the Queen of Wands brings forth feelings of confidence, warmth, passion or creativity, or nudges you to face self-doubt, dwindling passion, internalized warmth, or stifled creativity, embrace these revelations with an open mind and heart.

After all, each tarot card and its interpretation, much like our feelings, holds the power to guide us towards understanding ourselves better, helping to foster personal growth. So, draw on the empowering energy of the Queen of Wands. Use it to express, explore, and acknowledge your feelings as you continue this fascinating journey of self-discovery with tarot.

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