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Discovery Growth Empowerment

Re-Vision Adventures

Feel like you are stuck in a routine with not enough fun and adventure in your life? We offer life changing adventure trips so you can challenge yourself and go home confident, empowered and recharged!

“I feel more confident in my ability to communicate my needs and desires honestly and with tact and empathy.”   ~C.H.

Personalized Coaching

Do you often feel like you don’t know who you are or are living for someone else? We offer individual coaching programs to help you realize and express your authentic nature and feel confident and excited about who you are and how you live.

“…but more than that, it is like having a best friend who leads you in the most optimal health position possible.” ~D.S.

Personal Nutrition Chefing

 Is the way you eat weighing you down? Do you worry about your family and their health? Chef Glitz enhances your health through eating and cooking education with delicious, nutritious meals that fit into your budget and busy lifestyle and help you and your family have more energy.

“I loved the meal prep, cooking together, eating in a healthy way and connecting with everyone through that. I learned some great tips to take home with me!”  ~D.F.

Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for ways to feel better about yourself and your wellness? We offer a variety of educational presentations targeting specific areas of wellness to help motivate you to be the person you know you can be.

“It was great to have someone I could talk openly and honestly with about my thoughts and concerns related to dating.”  ~A.F.

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