7 of Pentacles as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

In the world of tarot, each card carries its distinct symbolism, implications, and of course, feelings. We’ll focus on understanding the 7 of Pentacles as feelings.

The 7 of Pentacles, a part of the Minor Arcana often depicted as a man contemplating the fruits of a tree, can stir up quite an emotional cocktail when drawn in a tarot reading. It represents those moments of reflection, patience, and assessment. So, if you’ve been trying to decipher the feelings surrounding this card or simply nurture your knowledge, you’re in the right place! Stick with us as we uncover the essences of the 7 of Pentacles in terms of feelings.

Upright 7 of Pentacles as feelings

When the 7 of Pentacles appear upright in a tarot spread representing feelings, it symbolizes a time of introspection and self-evaluation. The feelings conjured by this card are more about inner contemplation rather than external emotions. It’s like taking a pause button on life to assess progress, consider future steps, and perhaps even question your current emotional state.

Feeling the Upright 7 of Pentacles might be similar to that period of self-reflection after a long project or after you’ve hit a significant milestone in your life. It’s that satisfying, slightly exhausted feeling of looking back on your efforts and pondering your achievements and results. It might hint at feelings of impatience, reflecting a longing for anticipated fruits of your labor. On the flip side, it could also evoke a sense of pride or fulfillment, knowing you’ve invested time and energy productively.

A sense of anticipation or expectation is also tied to the Upright 7 of Pentacles. It’s as if you’ve sowed the seeds, and now you’re quietly waiting for them to sprout, encouraging feelings of hope and excitement. At the same time, it’s a reminder not to rush things – progress takes its own sweet time.

In romantic feelings, the 7 of Pentacles may suggest a phase where you evaluate your relationship’s direction. It might feel as if you’re in a state of limbo, assessing whether your emotional investments are bearing fruit. But remember, this card encourages patience, and good things often come to those who wait.

Reversed 7 of Pentacles as feelings

In the reversed position, the 7 of Pentacles often symbolizes frustration, impatience, and perhaps even disappointment. When viewed through the scope of feelings, the appearance of the Reversed 7 of Pentacles can bring forth an emotional cloud that might feel a tad moody compared to its upright counterpoint.

This sense of frustration or impatience stems from a feeling that your efforts aren’t bearing the fruits you had anticipated. It’s like you’ve been tending a garden for what seems like forever, but the plants don’t seem to be growing. Alternatively, you might feel a sense of stagnation or deadlock, as though your emotions or a situation in your life are not progressing, causing a buildup of impatience.

The Reversed 7 of Pentacles can also evoke a feeling of ambiguity or insecurity about your investments, particularly emotional investments. You may feel uncertain whether the time and energy you’re pouring into a relationship or a personal project are really worth it.

On a more positive note, the feelings surrounding this card might nudge you to re-evaluate and re-strategize. It might be a gentle cosmic suggestion to adjust your plans or explore other avenues. Maybe the seeds you’ve planted aren’t meant to bloom in the current conditions, and it’s time to consider new possibilities.

In matters of the heart, feelings stirred by the Reversed 7 of Pentacles may hint at dissatisfaction or restlessness in a relationship. You might feel you’re not getting the emotional rewards you’d hoped for. While these feelings might be disconcerting, remember that they can serve as catalysts for necessary changes.

Final Thoughts

The 7 of Pentacles underlines the significant role of patience, self-reflection, and anticipation intertwined with our feelings in our journey. This card encourages a valuable emotional examination, whether upright, prompting a sense of introspection and guarded optimism, or reversed, awakening feelings of frustration and uncertainties.

The messages borne by the 7 of Pentacles are universal. We all have times when we put in the work, waiting to reap what we’ve sown, or when we question if our emotional investments are worth it. The feelings related to this tarot card echo these profoundly human experiences.

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