Page of Swords as Feelings (Upright And Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

Unassuming yet powerfully intriguing, the Page of Swords beckons us towards a whirlwind of exciting emotions. Often linked with thoughts, communication and curiosity, this youthful court card brings a breath of fresh air to our emotional musings. So, what feelings can we expect when the Page of Swords rustles through our Tarot readings?

Just as the page stands on a windy hill, ready to face any gusts that come their way, we too shall explore feelings such as curiosity, restlessness, preparedness, and so much more. Doing so opens us to a more meaningful understanding of our emotional landscape.

Upright page of swords as feelings

In its upright position, the Page of Swords encompasses feelings of curiosity, alertness, determination, and Eagerness.

Curiosity is a keynote emotion when the upright Page of Swords makes its appearance. This card often signals a surge of curiosity. You might find yourself intrigued by new ideas, hungry for knowledge, or eager to explore uncharted emotional territories.

Alertness is another significant emotion associated with the upright Page of Swords. Just as the page stands ready to react to any changes, you may find yourself feeling sharp, focused, and ready to spring into action. This feeling stirs up an energy of preparedness that can make you more receptive to your emotional landscape.

Determination is another emotion in the mix. The upright Page of Swords suggests a ‘can-do’ attitude, a readiness to face challenges head-on, highlighting your resolve to confront any emotional trials and tribulations that you come across.

Eagerness is a prevalent theme in the Page of Swords. An intense desire to pursue new ideas, seek new paths, or push forward on your emotional journey aligns strongly with the feel of this card.

Reversed page of swords as feelings

When the Page of Swords appears reversed in your reading, it represents a different array of feelings that contrast with its upright version. Indecision, anxiety, Impulsiveness, and Caution best define the emotional flux you might experience.

Indecision is a feeling that the reversed Page of Swords often brings to the forefront. You may find yourself torn between multiple options, uncertain about your emotions, or meandering between different courses of action.

Anxiety might be spotlighted when the reversed Page of Swords pays you a visit. This could be due to an inability to communicate your feelings effectively, leaving you feeling misunderstood or restless.

The reversed Page of Swords may also represent the feeling of Impulsiveness. This reflects an emotional state where you make rash decisions, act out of turn or react without thinking things through, which can often lead to regrettably hasty emotional responses.

On a more positive note, this card can sometimes hint at a feeling of Caution. Despite its negative association, Caution can be a helpful ally, prompting you to think before acting and to weigh your emotions before letting them guide your actions.

Final Thoughts

The “Page of Swords” has taught us that feelings of alertness and curiosity are not merely states of mind but also powerful springboards for emotional evolution. It reminds us to stay open to new experiences and to embrace the winds of change, even if they sometimes leave us feeling a little out of our comfort zones.

Remember, it’s natural to experience feelings of anxiety and indecision as conveyed by the reversed Page of Swords. They can signal an opportunity to pause, reassess, and pivot, which is a part of our emotional growth.

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