Death as Feelings (Upright & Reversed)

by Anna Christopher

The Death card signifies profound change and transformation – an end for a new beginning. But what emotions does this powerful major arcana card stir when it appears in our readings?

Often encased in fear and trepidation, the Death card calls for courage and openness as we shed our old selves and face a journey of Renewal and rebirth. The intensity of this card is undeniable, but its teachings are profoundly liberating and transformative.

So, what emotions does the Death card unveil? How do these feelings serve as catalysts for personal growth and evolution? It’s time for us to bravely embrace the Unknown and unravel the emotional mysteries that this transformative card holds.

Upright Death as Feelings

The Death card, in its upright position, carries emotions of transformation, closure, Renewal, acceptance, and Liberation.

Transformation is a central emotion associated with the upright Death card. It represents the emotional metamorphosis we undergo when something significant comes to an end, paving the way for a new chapter. The feelings generated during this transformation are often intense and volatile but ultimately pave the way for growth and understanding.

Closure follows transformation, bringing with it feelings of resolution and completeness. Death urges us to make peace with the emotional remnants of our past, allowing us to tie up any loose ends, heal wounds, and move forward with newfound clarity and direction.

The sprouting seed of Renewal lies at the heart of the Death tarot. As we experience endings, we also embark on new beginnings. This card highlights the feelings of hope, resilience, and rejuvenation connected to the natural cycles of life – be it career, relationships, or self-discovery.

Acceptance is another critical aspect of the Death card’s emotional spectrum. This involves accepting the inevitable nature of change and learning to adapt with grace. Acceptance enables us to remain emotionally flexible and open to life’s new opportunities.

Ultimately, the Death card signifies feelings of Liberation. Through acceptance, transformation, and Renewal, you are empowered to break free from the emotional shackles of the past, opening yourself up to uncharted emotional heights.

Reversed Death as Feelings

The Reversed Death card suggests feelings of resistance, stagnation, fear of change, denial, and unfinished business.

Resistance is a significant emotion associated with the reversed Death card. You might encounter a strong inner push against the inevitable cycle of change. This emotional resistance might appear as reluctance to let go of past comforts or patterns that no longer serve your growth, signaling a call for emotional introspection.

Stagnation, another emotion symbolised by the reversed Death card, denotes a sense of emotional immobility or gridlock. It’s as if you’re trapped in an emotional limbo, unable to move forward or backwards. This feeling could be an invitation to identify and address the blockages hindering your emotional progress.

The reversed Death card often brings with it a Fear of Change. This could manifest as anxiety or worry about what lies ahead, causing hesitation in embracing new opportunities and experiences. By recognizing and acknowledging these fears, you can work towards overcoming them.

Denial is another strong emotion that might arise with the reversed Death card. You may refuse to acknowledge or accept certain feelings or experiences, thereby preventing growth and evolution. This denial only delays the inevitable, and recognizing it can be a big step towards emotional healing.

Lastly, feelings of Unfinished Business may emerge, indicating unresolved issues or emotions that are holding you back. These could be connected to past relationships, old habits, or buried feelings, which must be addressed for emotional clarity.

Final Thoughts

The Death Card’s depiction of endings and beginnings has provided a rich understanding of the cyclic nature of our emotions. In its upright position, the Death card allows us to embrace feelings of transformation, closure, Renewal, acceptance, and Liberation. It teaches us to understand and accept change as an intrinsic part of life.

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