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Grieving An Old Friend

Good friends are hard to find. There is one in particular I'd like to share with you, though. Her name is Carmen. Carmen and I met in a college marketing class in Rochester, NY. It wasn't long before she and I were joined at the hip. I taught her how to drive...

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Sometimes We Need a Reset Button

This blog post is inspired by my late grandfather, Daniel DeMarco. We've just come through a very stressful time of year when we've eaten a king's feast (several times over), spent a queen's purse worth of money on gifts, and polished it all off by drinking kegs full...

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What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year's Eve/Day is a popular time of year for many people to make a new resolution. People often find inspiration during this time to refocus on things they know they should do for themselves: quitting smoking, losing weight, fixing the crippled muscle car sitting...

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Finding “Me-Time”

How often do you say to others, "I'm too busy" or "Let me see what my calendar says", or a more curt "Take a number"? How many times have you had to say that to yourself? You may rarely give yourself the opportunity to consider it, but taking time for yourself is an...

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A Feast of Gratitude

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday. Reminiscing about Thanksgiving in Rochester, NY brings back feelings of warmth, fall colors, family, tradition, football, and the advent of Christmastime all during my favorite season! Eggnog, nuts in the shell in a bowl...

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Life Doesn’t Come With an Easy Button

People tend to shy away from hard and complicated - they favor “easy”. Common clichés and even ad campaigns support this – take the easy way out, take the path of least resistance – hit the easy button. But are things really ever truly easy?  Taking the path of least...

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Discovering your wellness

We recently conducted a one hour workshop on the basics of wellness.  We introduced the idea of wellness and all of its different aspects.  Wellness is about being in good health, but it is not just about one thing (e.g., your physical health) – there are seven...

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Making a Change

You know this story – you want to get into better shape, but you “don’t have the time to work out” and “don’t want to change the way you eat.”  The changes we would like to see in our lives don’t just happen – we need to MAKE them happen. In order to change, we need...

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A Finely Aged Life

Wine, one of our few great collaborations with nature, is to be savored and cherished. ~Coach Glitz I had the pleasure of visiting two wineries near Verona, Italy. If I had any expectations of what I would experience, they were quickly dissolved as I walked through...

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Art Imitates Life – And Vice Versa?

We've all heard the saying, "Art imitates life." When I think about that it calls to mind sad songs which speak to everyone suffering through heartbreak, or Bob Ross painting his happy trees which we feel when we connect with nature. But there is a different...

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