Total Acceptance

Acceptance of what life brings us is difficult. As human beings conditioned by our communities and society we come to have expectations of others and how things will go. This causes us to be tied to outcomes. And we don’t have control over outcomes; so that just sets...

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Take a Vacation!

A vacation is "an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling"…the purpose of vacation is to fill up/refill your personal fuel tank. The question is - do you make/take the time for vacation? Studies show that up to 55% of...

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Projecting Fear

Fear is a big topic, one of my favorites. It’s instinctual, it comes up often spontaneously, and sometimes it’s so forefront of our thoughts that it keeps us from speaking and acting even when our best interest is at stake. What I’m writing about today is the...

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You Can’t Pick Your Family

Or can you? Society generally considers our family to be our biological relations. However, some families – whether through adoption or remarriage – do not have biological ties. Many native cultures have tribes – these are communities comprised of people linked by...

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We are wired for connectivity as human beings – but do we really need to be connected 24-7?! Many would argue that personal technology devices such as smart phones allow us to connect with many more people much more efficiently. But does it really? Is a one way...

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Turn Off the Mind

In the February blog on leaving relationships, I talked about how the head tends to overanalyze things and that the body really knows what we want and need. We generally let our mind take charge – we want reasons for everything we do. We want to justify our actions...

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Equality or equity?

Many people entered this year with hesitation, fear and anxiety about how things would change due to the new administration. How would we as individuals be treated? Would there be discriminatory practices and regulations due to the beliefs of those in the new...

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Grieving An Old Friend

Good friends are hard to find. There is one in particular I'd like to share with you, though. Her name is Carmen. Carmen and I met in a college marketing class in Rochester, NY. It wasn't long before she and I were joined at the hip. I taught her how to drive...

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