70 Crazy Things to Do as a Teenager

by Anna Christopher

If you find yourself reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ of being a teenager when afternoon plans included crafting gossip over turkey sandwiches and evenings passed playing Mario Kart or Hopscotch, then welcome aboard this nostalgia-filled rollercoaster! Remember those days when having fun didn’t necessarily mean swiping right or left on your phone screen or racking up likes on a selfie? Arguably, some of the best years of our lives were spent as teenagers, embracing innocent rebellion and creating stories that would eventually turn into dinner-table tales.

I fondly remember one such incident, my conquest that guaranteed my place in the illustrious ‘Teenager Hall of Fame‘ (a prestigious title only held by the bravest of beings and the wi-fi password thieves). Who could forget the legendary ‘Operation Sneak Out,’ where I executed an epic stealth mission resembling a crossover episode of Mission Impossible and the Goonies just to ‘fetch’ my football from the grumpy neighbor’s backyard at midnight?

From taking unplanned trips to random towns to trying to be the next AC/DC in your neighbor’s deserted garage, being a teenager was, and still is, the first taste of liberty and spontaneity. It’s about defying boundaries, exploring possibilities and getting a taste of the whirlwind which is life. Embrace it because time flies; before you know it, you’re paying taxes, attending parent-teacher meetings, or checking cholesterol levels!

Crazy Things to Do as a Teenager

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Get ready for a wild ride through ideas, decisions, and future dinner-table tales. Here are 70 crazy things to do as a teenager!

  1. Sleep Under the Stars: Grab a few friends, a tent, and some marshmallows – get lost in the beauty of the night sky!
  2. Prank Call: There’s always that one friend who falls for anything.
  3. Organize a Flash Mob: Plan it at school or at the town square.
  4. DIY Movie Night: Turn your backyard into a private cinema.
  5. Try Weird Food Combinations: How about marshmallow-topped pizza?
  6. Attempt “MTV Cribs” Tours of Your Homes: Let your friends tour your abode, narrator included.
  7. Road Trip without Destination: Get in the car and drive.
  8. Theme Costume Party: Turn up the fun with outfits from different eras or movies.
  9. Overnight Beach Trip: Nothing beats watching the sunrise over the sea.
  10. Ninja-Style Tree Climbing: Reclaim your jungle instincts!
  11. Home Hair Salon: Unleash the inner hairstylist in you. The crazier the style, the better.
  12. Choose Each Other’s Tattoo Design: You trust your friends, right?
  13. Start a YouTube Channel: Broadcasting your talents to the world.
  14. Unplanned Train Ride: Jump on the next train and see where it goes.
  15. Random Acts of Kindness: It’s crazy how good it feels to do good.
  16. Spontaneous Neighborhood Clean-Up: Help make your surroundings nicer.
  17. Play Midnight Tag in The Park: The gossip, giggles, and adrenaline are unbeatable.
  18. Go on A Thrift Shopping Spree: One person’s trash can be your vintage treasure.
  19. Food Fight Party: It’s messy but oh-so-fun.
  20. Marathon a Book Series in A Weekend: You’ll feel a part of your favorite fictional universe in no time.
  21. Binge-Watch an Entire Show: Just “one more episode,” we promise.
  22. Spontaneous Ice Cream Fight: Because why not?
  23. Blindfold Painting Contest: Unleash your hidden Picasso.
  24. Write a Song: Even if it’s about your cat…
  25. Hold a Bake-Off: Brownies, cakes, cookies? Yes, please!
  26. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter: It’s never too early to help those in need.
  27. Throw a Surprise Party for a Friend: The look on their face will be priceless.
  28. Host a Garage Sale: Your junk could be someone else’s treasure.
  29. Launch a DIY Photoshoot: Go crazy with costumes and props!
  30. Try a 24-Hour Challenge: Testing your limits is fun!
  31. Organize a Charity Fundraiser: Make a positive impact while having fun.
  32. Plant a Tree: Start an eco-legacy.
  33. Host a Game Board Marathon: From Monopoly to Dungeons and Dragons, get on it!
  34. Apply for a Guinness World Record: You never know!
  35. Houseboat Vacation: It’s a crazy cool floating adventure.
  36. Start a Band: You could be the next Beatles!
  37. Create a Time Capsule: Bury it and open it on a special date in the future.
  38. Moonlight Swim: Just be sure it’s in a safe location.
  39. Community Service: Doing good never goes out of style.
  40. Write and Direct a Short Film: Showcase your storytelling talent.
  41. Organize a Karaoke Night: Sing your heart out, no judgment!
  42. Try Stand Up Comedy: Laugh your way through the attempt.
  43. Run a Half Marathon And show off that participation medal.
  44. Build a Treehouse: It’s fun and you get a cool hideout.
  45. Visit Every State Park in Your Home State: Adventure waits!
  46. Create a Viral Social Media Campaign: Who knows, you might be the next internet sensation!
  47. Play Hide-and-Go-Seek in the Mall: Just don’t get thrown out!
  48. Attend a Concert of Your Favorite Band: Music and Friends – The Best Combo.
  49. Create Your Signature Dish: MasterChef, look out!
  50. Write a Letter to Your Future Self: It’s crazy but nostalgic down the line.
  51. Try the Scariest Roller Coaster in Nearby Amusement Park: Scream! It’s therapy.
  52. Indoor Rock Climbing: Challenge your strength and fear of heights.
  53. Slumber Party: Classic teen fun!
  54. Have a Picnic on a Rooftop: Unique views and memories.
  55. Throw a Paintball Fight: Get messy and have a blast.
  56. Teach Your Grandparents to Use Social Media: Admit it; their posts would be adorable.
  57. Create Your Comic Book: Draw your heroes and give them life.
  58. Try to Learn a New Language: You never know when it might come in handy.
  59. Shadow Someone with Your Dream Job: Get inspired for your future career.
  60. Stargazing at a Local Observatory: It’s quiet but thrilling.
  61. Binge-Watch Classic Movies: Timeless cinematic marvels never go out of style!
  62. Organize Your Own “Amazing Race”: Fulfill your reality TV fantasies.
  63. Have a Chess Tournament: Time to test your strategic skills.
  64. Build a Fort in Your Room: Feel like a castle lord or lady.
  65. Insect Photography Contest: Find the tiny wonders of nature.
  66. Learn a Magic Trick: The best ice-breaker at any party!
  67. Create Stop-Motion Movies with Your Toys: It’s arduous work but ridiculously fun.
  68. Start a Book Club: Get your friends together over a good read.
  69. Have a Breakfast-for-Dinner Party: Pile up the pancakes and omelettes!
  70. Build a Lego City: You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

I remember my teenage years vividly; the reckless thrill of late-night escapades, the sweet terror of first-time heartbreaks, and the bizarre joy of never-ending discovery. Though each teenager’s experience is as unique as their fingerprint, the collective memory of teenage whimsy connects us all. It’s this intricate tapestry of youthful daring that inspired this list of 70 crazy things to do as a teenager.

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