11 Sweet Things to do in a Long Distance Relationship

by Anna Christopher

Grasping the few thousand miles between us, my partner and I have become creative developers of our love. Testing, tweaking, and implementing various strategies, one at a time, through a haze of time zones, we’ve curated beautiful little love rituals that keep us connected magically. Be it short daily phone calls or shared Netflix binge sessions on weekends, nothing is too small to nurture a bond transcending continents.

In this article, I present not only to those of you who are part of a long-distance relationship, the love birds separated by mere miles or whole oceans, but also to those who are skeptical about such relationships. I’ll walk you through ‘11 Sweet Things to Do in a Long Distance Relationship’ – each one tried and tested by yours truly. These little acts of love, far from clichéd, aim to water the plant of your relationship consistently and promise a beautiful bloom regardless of the geographical barriers between you.

1. Planning Surprise Virtual Dates

Nothing ignites the spark in a long-distance relationship like the surprise of a thoughtfully planned virtual date. Imagine the smile on your partner’s face when they receive a mystery link, only to find out it’s a surprise dinner date with you, with each of you having ordered the other’s favorite takeout. Setting up your space to create an ambiance, perhaps with candles or fairy lights, along with some soothing background music, can make it feel like you’re dining across the table from each other, not screens.

Moreover, these dates don’t always have to be elaborate. Watching the sunrise or sunset together while on a video call or playing an online game where you can laugh and compete brings about a sense of shared experiences. These moments, though virtual, are bricks in the foundation of your relationship, creating memories and stories to look back on.

2. Sending Handwritten Letters

The charm of receiving a handwritten letter is unmatched in an era dominated by digital communication. Pouring your thoughts and emotions onto paper is a therapeutic exercise and creates a tangible connection between you and your partner. The anticipation of waiting for a letter and the joy of finally holding it in your hands, feeling the texture of the paper, and seeing the familiar handwriting, creates an intimate experience that emails and texts cannot replicate.

Additionally, you can make this even more special by enclosing little tokens of love – maybe a dried flower, a photo of a place you visited together, or a small piece of fabric sprayed with your perfume or cologne. This personalizes the letter and engages the senses, making the moment of reading it even more vivid and memorable.

3. Creating a Shared Digital Album

In long-distance relationships, sharing moments can feel limiting due to the physical distance. However, creating a shared digital album can be a beautiful way to compile the moments you spend together and the aspects of your daily lives you want to share with each other. Apps like Google Photos or shared albums on social media platforms allow both of you to upload pictures, videos, and thoughts whenever you want, turning them into a living journal of your relationship.

This collective album becomes a treasure trove of your journey together, a place where the mundane and the monumental are documented. It’s a wonderful feeling to look back on how you’ve both grown, the places you’ve virtually visited together and the dreams you’ve built side by side. This ongoing project is a testament to your shared life, a way to remember that you’re creating a story together every day, no matter the distance.

4. Taking Up a Shared Hobby or Challenge

Engaging in a shared hobby or challenge can significantly lessen the distance. Whether it’s learning a new language, taking an online cooking class, or committing to a fitness challenge together, these activities allow you to spend time together in a unique, interactive way. They offer something to talk about, encourage each other, and grow together, which is especially important when you can’t share these experiences in person.

This joint venture can also lead to a joyful competition or goal setting that you both can look forward to achieving together. It’s about sharing victories and supporting each other through the failures, embodying the true essence of a partnership. These activities foster a sense of unity and shared purpose, foundational pillars for a strong relationship.

5. Scheduling Daily “Good Morning” and “Good Night” Messages

The power of a simple “Good Morning” or “Good Night” message is often underestimated in long-distance relationships. These messages, though small, are significant in letting your partner know that they are the first thing on your mind when you wake up and the last thing before you go to sleep. It’s a comforting ritual that can set a positive tone for the day or provide solace as the night falls.

Taking this a step further by occasionally sending voice notes or short video messages adds a more personal touch, allowing your partner to hear your voice or see your face, which can be incredibly comforting. These moments of connection, though brief, play a crucial role in maintaining the emotional closeness and ensuring that despite the miles, you’re journeying through each day together.

6. Planning Future Visits

One of the highlights of long-distance relationships is the anticipation and planning of the next visit. It gives both partners something to look forward to, a tangible goal to work towards. Discussing and planning the details of these visits can be an exciting way to spend time together, be it researching places to explore, activities to try, or even creating a food bucket list for a visit.

Using these plans as a countdown can help visualize the shrinking distance with each passing day, instilling hope and excitement for the future. It also serves as a reminder of why you both are enduring the distance—for the precious in-person moments that await, making all the challenges faced worthwhile.

7. Sending Care Packages

Crafting and sending care packages is a heartfelt way to show love and affection. Personalizing these packages with items your partner loves or needs shows that you pay attention to their likes, dislikes, and the little things that matter in their daily lives. Whether it’s their favorite snacks, a book by an author they love, or a cozy sweater smelling of you, each item you choose tells a story of care and understanding.

Putting together a care package is also an exercise in thoughtfulness and creativity, allowing you to express your love in diverse ways. The excitement of sending it off and the anticipation of your partner receiving it creates a beautiful exchange of love and affection that transcends the physical distance between you.

8. Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness, like ordering a surprise delivery of their favorite food after they’ve had a long day or organizing an online gift card to their favorite store as a pick-me-up, can be incredibly touching. These gestures show thoughtfulness and a deep understanding of your partner’s needs and preferences.

These acts of kindness don’t have to be grand or expensive; it’s the sentiment and the element of surprise that counts. It reinforces the idea that you are there for them, in the big and small moments, ready to make their day better in any way you can, highlighting the depth of your care and connection.

9. Starting a Book or Movie Club

Starting a book or movie club for just the two of you can be a delightful way to share experiences and create common topics for discussion. Whether you’re into thrillers, romances, or non-fiction, choosing a book to read or a movie to watch together and then discussing it can be as enriching as it is entertaining.

This activity fosters intellectual connection and allows you to explore each other’s perspectives and tastes deeply. It can stimulate conversations, debates, and a deeper understanding of each other’s minds and hearts, ultimately bringing you closer together.

10. Keeping a Journal Together

Keeping a journal together is a unique way to document your relationship, whether it’s a digital journal or a physical notebook that you send back and forth. This can be a space for sharing dreams, fears, daily experiences, and thoughts that you might not have the chance to communicate every day. It’s like writing a love letter that continuously evolves and grows with your relationship.

This journal becomes a keepsake, a chronicle of your journey together that you can look back on in years to come. It’s a testament to your resilience, love, and commitment to each other, offering a tangible timeline of your relationship that you both have contributed to equally.

11. Celebrating Each Other’s Achievements

In a long-distance relationship, you don’t always have the opportunity to physically celebrate milestones and achievements together. However, you can still be integral to each other’s successes by planning virtual celebrations, sending congratulatory gifts, or simply being there to listen and share in the joy over a call.

Acknowledging and celebrating these moments together strengthens the bond and reinforces the idea that you are a team, cheering for each other’s victories from afar. It’s crucial to staying connected and involved in each other’s lives, showing support and pride in each other’s accomplishments, no matter the distance.

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