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  • The Symbolism of Ticks And Their Meanings

    The Symbolism of Ticks And Their Meanings

    “Like unwelcome thoughts, ticks burrow deep, reminding us that even the smallest parasite can drain the life out of a grand adventure.” – (Eavan Boland) Many of us reflexively shudder at the mere mention of ticks. And rightly so, who enjoys being bitten down by a parasite, especially one that can carry diseases? However, putting aside…

  • Dreaming of Lottery Numbers (Explained)

    Dreaming of Lottery Numbers (Explained)

    Lottery dreams, oh, how they have ignited the imaginations of the hopeful, myself included! I suppose we’ve all had those moments, drifting off into a daydream at the breakfast table, constructing opulent visions of mansions, world trips, or perhaps, a life free from financial worries. Truth be told, whenever I’m clutching that little ticket in…