Does the way you eat weigh you down? Do you worry about your family’s health? Do you just prepare the same old meals over and over again? Helping you have more fun in the kitchen and piece of mind about feeding yourself and your family is what our Personal Chefing Services are all about! Regardless of your scenario, we help create a roadmap which introduces adventure into your cooking and provides healthy meal options while delighting your taste buds! Self-taught from his teen years, Chef Glitz worked in the kitchen at Whole Foods Market for nearly 7 years as a chef and as a trainer. With Stephen’s certifications in Nutrition Coaching and in McDougall’s plant-based diet, his skills and knowledge are a major asset to our clients!

Nutrition Coaching/Chefing

Eating and cooking healthier foods will nourish you and your family and help you to have more energy and avoid dis-ease! Scheduling your FREE consultation will allow you to realize what your needs are and which services would accomplish them. This investment in your SELF is something we take seriously, and we’ll show you what the next steps are to help you further yourself on your wellness journey.

Coach/Chef Glitz will work with you to design a customized game plan based on the results you need. Possible options for this program include:

  • Understanding what foods are good/bad and why
  • Setting your environment up for success
  • Reading labels – properly
  • Creating meal plans
  • Shopping for success
  • Creating good habits based on your intentions
  • Enhancing your cooking skills
  • Calibrating your mindset to meet your goals
  • Cooking your meals to help with time constraints

These are just some examples of what we provide. Personal chefing may be a single private dinner or may consist of several sessions and is designed so that you can accomplish the goals that are specific to you. It might also be an exclusive adventure in dining experience!

Beyond providing an adventurous atmosphere in the kitchen for our clients ready to take their understanding of ingredients and personal health to an all new level. Coach/Chef Glitz also prepares healthy meals to be served at local wellness events. Most recently for “Be Authentically You” and “Women Breaking Plates”!

“Food is a profound part of our connection to Earth and spirit and of course it affects our health and mood as well. Knowing that I am preparing delicious food that is also providing a shining example of what is possible in the kitchen when we choose to eat for health first, and knowing how people can feel as a result of that experience inspires me to offer my services with the love and groundedness that people who know me have come to expect! I am here to feed people, to heal them and connect with them on a much deeper level.” ~ Chef Glitz

“I thought the food was great! There was always plenty of hearty yet healthy food available, and it was delicious! It was fun learning tips on making sauces and how to efficiently slice vegetables while being sous chef!”

“The meals were delicious and healthy!  The ingredients were fresh and local – especially the huge red snapper we bought off the fishing boat on the beach.  Stephen loves to cook and is creative and inspired in the kitchen.”

Make it happen

You’re ready! You’ve made the bold decision to impact your life by changing your way of eating! Congratulations, you’ll be amazed at how well you’ll do, and even more amazed at how you will feel after just a week of practicing your new habits!

Now it’s time to give us a call and set up your FREE consultation and let Coach Glitz help you find clarity around what your goals are. Coach Glitz will then create a game plan and present it to you during your follow-up call (also free).

Then you’re off to the races! Together we’ll determine a schedule which works best for you, and you’ll be on a path of healing your body, feeling vibrant and saving time, energy, and money!

Why Chef Glitz?

Chef Glitz began his cooking odyssey at the age of 16. He began by hosting dinner parties for his group of ten friends in high school, and then worked on his own studying from celebrity chefs on TV, reading the Joy of Cooking and other cookbooks while working in the food industry. Stephen has a childlike curiosity about ingredients, cuisines, and technique which translates beautifully to the dishes he’s inspired to create! In 2009, Chef Glitz realized that nutrition was something that needed to become a greater influence in his life, and just a few short years later after formal schooling, he became a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Personal Chefing is where these passions gel into something that he’s excited to offer to the community he serves! Since Stephen’s personal health revolution he’s been transforming dishes which might have originally been unhealthy into palate pleasing, belly filling nutritious deliciousness.

Food and cooking, together, are important components to all facets of our lives, that’s why one will find Chef Glitz using his specialized cooking and coaching skills at events such as The Hope Retreat, Yoga retreats, Uninhibited Wellness’ Costa Rica Wellness Adventure trip every October, private parties, dietary cooking demos, on a sailboat in the Carribean, corporate team-builds and even in your own kitchen. Whatever your need, we can work together to create an experience which will resonate with you and those in your group.

Chef Glitz seeks to make a connection with his clients and as such delivers cooking techniques while sharing his knowledge on health and wellness so that they end the session feeling a message of encouragement, self-worth, and determination. We can have fun with it, or we can be serious at your event, but the  message will be delivered with wisdom, compassion, and purpose.

Your investment

Starting around $500, the cost of your personal chefing varies depending on the specific service, its frequency and duration.  During your FREE consultation, we will determine together what is best for you to accomplish your goals.  If you have never experienced being trained by a personal chef before, then you will be excited about the incredible return on investment working with Chef Glitz will have on you and your family!

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