Re-Vision Adventure: Colorado

Bringing Your Lifes Vision into Focus

Empowerment of the Spirit, Mind, & Body

If you’re needing the space to take care of yourself and/or make positive changes in how you live your life, join us for 8 days of challenging work, loving support, and adventurous fun in the majestic and inspiring mountains of Buena Vista, Colorado.

  • Feel your spirit uplifted through volunteering with local organizations
  • Discover your depths as you participate in the limiting belief releasing fire ceremony
  • Lean into new concepts with our daily meditations and group discussions
  • Explore and refine your desires in life during your sessions with one of the coaches
  • Engage in adventurous activities that will expand your understanding of what you are capable of
  • Learn new cooking techniques for healthy eating as you Sous Chef one of our healthy dinners
  • Nourish your body with local organic foods and clean cuisine stylings of Chef Glitz
  • Spend your free time exercising, reading, napping, meditating, soaking in the hot springs or communing with nature
  • Hike/snowshoe the mountain forests, zip through the canopy or over the snow and realize how physical motion and nature affects your mental health

“It has been a stepping stone into opening an unlimited amount of possibilities for me on self-love and my relationship with self. That experience gave me the time to just go within, listen, and now take action, and know I have a loving and supportive “pack” behind me.”


“Experiencing new things and adventures always excites me, and there was a lot of that on this trip.  Lots of adventuring! Also love to push my comfort zone. The bonus coaching was a surprise and both sessions were very impactful.”


What You Will Experience

Here is what is included with this all-inclusive adventure. More information on the location, activities and cuisine follow.

  • 7 nights lodging in Buena Vista (based on double/multiple occupancy)
  • all meals including chef-prepared gourmet dinners, and the opportunity to learn new cooking techniques and recipes
  • group adventure and wellness activities
  • pre, during and post trip coaching sessions
  • Plus surprise Bonus gifts!
  • Note: participants are responsible for travel to Buena Vista, optional trip insurance (recommended), alcoholic beverages, gratuities, optional individual tours, and any other incidental purchases.


“The group program was a great self-discovery experience. I learned about who I am and how to better relate to others in my life through program discussions as well as ongoing discovery on my own time. Susan is a great facilitator, providing a safe, comfortable environment for sharing.

Adventure Location

Rich in history and natural beauty, Buena Vista, a small mountain town located 2 hours outside of Denver at an altitude of 7,965′, offers the kind of laid-back yet exciting life most people only dream of. Considered by many to be the capital of whitewater rafting in the United States, the area is also popular for just about any outdoor activity that comes to mind. The house sits in the shadows of the Sawatch Range of the Colorado Rockies with vistas of Mt. Harvard to the West and Mt. Princeton to the South. Thus ample hiking for all levels abounds. Being surrounded by nature and with a year-round mild climate, the town aptly named “good view” make this a great place to get away and spend time on your wellness!

Daily Adventures

The activities we do as a group are designed to challenge you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each day may bring humming birds, deer, wild turkeys, or other wildlife moving through the pinon trees on the property. Meditations, discussion and reflection bring focus to your personal discoveries as you learn to let go of those things in life which do not serve you. You will also participate in other spirit, heart, mind and body expanding adventures such as rafting, hiking, yoga, snowmobiling or tours of local businesses. Take part in sacred ceremonies delivered with healing prayer to get you in touch with yourself and the nature around you. And you’ll have plenty of time to connect with the other adventurers, soak in the hot springs, or sit and journal on your thoughts and experiences outside. Your exciting adventures will shape the future of your life!

“It was a good amount of physical activity, and great opportunities to step outside my comfort zone. I love being one with nature, and the activities gave me opportunities to do so.”


Adventurous Cuisine

Be Coach/Chef Glitz’s Sous Chef for the night as he prepares vibrant healthy and delicious meals. Using fresh and local ingredients, Coach Glitz spontaneously crafts exciting meals that satisfy the palate and the body. From freshly picked produce to wild game, you are encouraged to get in the kitchen as he leads you in discussion on nutrition, food energetics, and cooking techniques while creating a masterpiece you get to enjoy and then can replicate at home and share with your loved ones!

“The meals were delicious and healthy!  The ingredients were fresh and local. Stephen loves to cook and is creative and inspired in the kitchen.

How this Adventure will Impact You

Taking part in the Re-Vision Adventure is an intensive exploration of yourself and the life you want to live. After stretching yourself through coaching sessions, physical activities, deep discussions and self exploration you’ll find yourself going home with a deeper understanding of how to infuse your life with more adventure and have the power to live healthier and happier and impact your loved ones with a heightened version of yourself. Departing Buena Vista and the Re-Vision Adventure will leave you hungry to taste life in a different way with the tools necessary to find the fulfillment you seek!

“I had the pleasure and life expanding experience of a group program. I knew I needed to do some “unleashing.” I knew Susan was the perfect person to support and encourage me throughout the process, and I was right. After spending most of my adult years as a professional and expressing myself as a competent professional and succeeding as one, I began to NOT experience my softer side enough, and some days it felt as if I did not experience my softer side at all. Susan (and our team of supportive participants) made it possible for me to admit this to myself without getting down on myself and then identify ways and the tools I had available to experience and express my softer side. I feel as a result, I am more balanced and expressive of my whole self.


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