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The usual british expression is take the biscuit.

Take a cake meaning. This saying uses the meaning “to possess,” and thus literally means “you can’t possess your cake and also eat it.” while some argue over whether this is true or not (see below), think about it: A baked food made from a sweet batter or dough chocolate cake. To be an extreme or special instance, as if it wins a cake for being so extreme or special.

To get into one's hands, control, or possession, especially: If someone or something takes the cake, they represent the most extreme example of something stupid or bad. — krista mcenany —typically used to describe something that is very surprising, foolish, remarkable, annoying, etc.

To take the cake to be a stand out example (e.g., i’ve slept on many beds, but this one takes the cake.) 3. To kill or murder used in the south especially by bloods. I’ve heard some ridiculous excuses before, but that takes the cake.

For example, that advertising slogan really took the cake , or what a mess they made of the concert—that. You guys take the cake. She may or may not like you, but her telling you to “take care” is irrelevant to that question.

Something that is very easy to do: There are several phrases in use today that use the word “cake.” for example: If someone has done something very stupid , rude , or selfish , you can say that they.

A substance hardened or molded into a solid piece a cake of soap. That is good, and it wins the prize! To be especially annoying, surprising, etc.

It’s a figure of speech, like when a cashier asks how you are doing and answer and ask her. Or to be the worst or best of its kind: A piece of cake definition:

By suicide123987 december 20, 2009. | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples That takes the cake! sue:

I mean, he's done a lot of crazy things, but this really takes the cake. (entry 1 of 2) 1 : A piece of cake this means something is easy to do.

To win the prize : Once you eat a piece of cake, it is gone and no longer in your possession. Definition of take the cake.

Compare with take the biscuit. It means she is being a decent human being. Something that is very easy to do:

A usually flat round piece of food that is baked or fried a crab cake rice cakes. Took , tak·en , tak·ing , takes v. To rank first while it didn't take the cake for the warmest christmas on record, it was close.

Usually used in the form i have seen/heard a lot of ( variable ), but (this) takes the cake. To be particularly bad, objectionable, or egregious. If that snitch come around here ima bake a cake for that nigga.

Originally, to take the cake meant to win a prize or a competition — people as far back as the ancient greeks used the word cake to mean a symbolic prize. over time, it grew to have a more negative, sarcastic meaning in english: It just takes the cake. a common variation is to take the biscuit. To be especially good or outstanding.

To be the worst, most shocking, or most annoying example of something. Each entry highlights a diverse array of narratives. I can't believe this mess.

(assuming that the prize is a cake.) what a performance! cheered john. Take the cake be the most outstanding in some respect, either the best or the worst. In other words, you can’t eat a cake and also keep a cake.

A cakewalk another expression meaning something is simple.

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