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Sexual Healing

While the statistics for divorce vary slightly and the categories for the numbers can be very broad, sexual satisfaction (or lack thereof) plays a high percentage role in marital friction. There are many factors however which can lead someone to seek another when in a committed relationship, only some of...Read More »

Adventures in Dining

Mom was great about keeping things interesting when it came to dinner. In fact, the stack of recipes she keeps in her folder are compiled from the internet, friends, my Nana, me, and who knows from where else as it continues to grow. Mom and Dad’s influence on me with...Read More »

Food for Thought

Recently I have been thinking about an intriguing concept. I think a lot and spend plenty of time in self-reflection. Being a Holistic Health Coach and Nutritional Chef, I think about people, and then I think about food, and then I think about people and their relationship with food.

The individual...Read More »

Human Health, Eating, and Western Medicine

Growing up, we all learned how to eat through our family dynamics, from relatives and friends, from schools and commercials. In our adult years, we may decide that it’s time to get in shape or get healthy, so we pick up a diet book or watch Dr. Oz. No two...Read More »


So often we look up from years of pushing. Pushing to make sure we are successful in our jobs, supportive of our families, and to fulfill the expectations of the people in our lives and by the time we pause to look in the mirror, we find ourselves wondering, “What...Read More »

Together We Stand

I’m entering a dangerous area here because there is something serious happening. A topic of great political and emotional charge, and a serious hot button for hopefully all of America is being exposed. You may struggle with what I’m about to say. Yes, I am a man talking about an...Read More »

Projecting Fear

Fear is a big topic, one of my favorites. It’s instinctual, it comes up often spontaneously, and sometimes it’s so forefront of our thoughts that it keeps us from speaking and acting even when our best interest is at stake. What I’m writing about today is the projection of fear....Read More »

What's Your Problem?

Whether it’s the “bleeding heart liberals” or the “right wing fascists” or human rights, or animal rights, peace, war, Coke, or Pepsi, people have opinions! After all, we are entitled at the very least to have one!

I had gone to pick up a dear friend of mine who upon my...Read More »

A Father's Day Reflection

I grew up in a home where I was loved warmly by two parents…I am the fortunate beneficiary of parents who were, and still are, great supporters of my life, even if they don’t always understand my modes, tactics, and philosophies. Thank you both for the opportunity to be raised...Read More »

Grieving An Old Friend

Good friends are hard to find. There is one in particular I’d like to share with you, though. Her name is Carmen.

Carmen and I met in a college marketing class in Rochester, NY. It wasn’t long before she and I were joined at the hip. I taught her how to...Read More »

Sometimes We Need a Reset Button

This blog post is inspired by my late grandfather, Daniel DeMarco.

We’ve just come through a very stressful time of year when we’ve eaten a king’s feast (several times over), spent a queen’s purse worth of money on gifts, and polished it all off by drinking kegs full into the new...Read More »

What Is Your New Year's Resolution?

New Year’s Eve/Day is a popular time of year for many people to make a new resolution. People often find inspiration during this time to refocus on things they know they should do for themselves: quitting smoking, losing weight, fixing the crippled muscle car sitting in the garage, etc.

The truth...Read More »

Finding "Me-Time"

How often do you say to others, “I’m too busy” or “Let me see what my calendar says”, or a more curt “Take a number”? How many times have you had to say that to yourself? You may rarely give yourself the opportunity to consider it, but taking time for...Read More »

A Feast of Gratitude

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday. Reminiscing about Thanksgiving in Rochester, NY brings back feelings of warmth, fall colors, family, tradition, football, and the advent of Christmastime all during my favorite season! Eggnog, nuts in the shell in a bowl next to my dad’s recliner, these little individually wrapped...Read More »

3 Tips To Keep From Overeating During The Holidays

First, be sure to have plenty of fruitcake on hand as the only proper and acceptable snack for the holidays (I’m joking of course)! I find it difficult to imagine (with no offense to those loyals) how anyone could look at a fruitcake, smell it, slice it, take a bite,...Read More »

Fearless Parenting

New parents often have nightmares about their children. Dreams spurred on by all the unknowns related to being a parent. New parents suffer from being “fish out of water”. No matter how “together” someone may portrait themselves to be, deep down they know they are just as capable of making rookie...Read More »

3 Steps Towards Healthy Eating

There are so many resources for healthy eating and dieting which are so visible due to advertising and marketing, they are in the forefront of our minds when we need information on how to eat for losing weight, cardiovascular health, to avoid diabetes, how eating impacts cancer, etc. TV experts...Read More »

The Avocado Lovers

How open are you in your partnership/relationship? I suppose I should define what I mean by “open”; being open is when you feel safe sharing deep concerns, emotions, problems, and hurts, along with inspirations, successes, congrats, thank yous, and kisses; it’s continuing to look at the other person with curiosity...Read More »

Music - A Mood Ring

Who’s your favorite band/artist? I’ve been asked this questions so many times, and the answer is never easy. I could tell you who I believe to be the best in their genre, who is the most talented, etc…but to answer that question honestly, about who my favorite is, I realized...Read More »

A Finely Aged Life

Wine, one of our few great collaborations with nature, is to be savored and cherished.

~Coach Glitz

I had the pleasure of visiting two wineries near Verona, Italy. If I had any expectations of what I would experience, they were quickly dissolved as I walked through the door of the first winery....Read More »

Art Imitates Life - And Vice Versa?

We’ve all heard the saying, “Art imitates life.” When I think about that it calls to mind sad songs which speak to everyone suffering through heartbreak, or Bob Ross painting his...Read More »

Finding Your Way (of eating)

Finding your own “way of eating” can be challenging. I’d like to talk about the topic of bio-individuality. Bio-individuality means we are all different and there isn’t one boilerplate diet that fits everyone’s health needs.

There are many reasons why there are so many “tried and true” diets out there. If...Read More »

Your Human Spirit

What impresses me about the human species, is our power of will. People have done amazing things in the face of adversity, many of which we may take for granted. We think that those who have achieved great things had something special. Well,...Read More »

Aggressive Behavior

As of late I have been witness to two and have heard about two other acts of aggression ranging from simply seeing someone at a bar flipping off the group I was with for no apparent reason, to someone I love getting shoved by a stranger over a parking space,...Read More »

Unconditional Love

I believe we have a superficial handle on what it means to have unconditional love. I know I’ve been guilty...Read More »

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