Acceptance of what life brings us is difficult. As human beings conditioned by our communities and society we come to have expectations of others and how things will go. This causes us to be tied to outcomes. And we don’t have control over outcomes; so that just sets us up for disappointment. True acceptance means that we take what happens as it comes, even if it brings pain or loss. Many get to a point where they feel they can do this, but if there is still some resistance, then that is not actually acceptance.

I am a good example of this. As part of my journey I got to a place where I started to accept what the universe brought me. It was sometimes difficult, but I also found sometimes easier. And when I let go of the outcome, I found that what I wanted came to me, and if it wasn’t what I thought I wanted, I found it was an even better outcome than what I hoped for! But I’ve still had some struggles in some areas when it comes to close relationships. I have one in particular with a man that I love dearly, and I try to practice unconditional love in this relationship, which means total acceptance. This man has a few other relationships that are important to him and often take priority. I understand all of this and in most moments accept it. In other moments I feel hurt…and that I am not a priority. It is hard to see someone you love spending time on facebook in lieu of communicating with you! However, I know that some of this stems from how I feel about myself and is my own resistance to total, unconditional acceptance.

I work on this daily – surrendering to what life brings me. I study and reflect on it as part of my spiritual evolution. Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend going through some similar relationship issues about acceptance and then read these ‘life rules’ in “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss. I woke up this morning and felt compelled to write this blog to share this with you.

  1. Make no judgments.
  2. Have no expectations.
  3. Give up the need to know why things happen as they do.
  4. Trust that the unscheduled events of our lives are a form of spiritual direction.

I believe this is beautiful advice and that when we all work to live this way, the world will be a better place!

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