When we were younger, we were filled with wonder, and it was easy to be open and trust in the existence of things we couldn’t see – Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, the tooth fairy, a higher power.  As we grew up, went to school and learned more, and conformed to our communities and society, many of us lost the connection to the wonder and trust we once felt.  We developed the drive to succeed, to obtain things – we developed our ego.  We established an idea of who and what we were supposed to be, which moved us further from simply being who we are.

What is spirituality?  Like all aspects of wellness, spirituality is personal, and it looks different for everyone.  It is a connection with Spirit – whether it is God, Mother Earth, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, your Higher Self, etc.  (You can be spiritual without being religious – following a defined religion – and you can be both.)  As individuals we need a connection to spirit, but those around us don’t always support this.  We tend to look outside for answers, when they are really inside.  The presence of spirit is everywhere, and especially inside of us, waiting for us to nurture that connection.

Spiritual wellness is an important piece of your total well-being.  Your spirit is always there for you even when you feel others in your life are not, so take care of it, and it will guide you through the ups and (especially) downs of life.  We encourage you to reflect on your spirituality and what it means for you.  And if needed, take the time to improve that connection – get out in nature, go to church, pray more frequently, meditate, visit your favorite place, or do whatever helps you feel and listen to your spirit.  It is your greatest source of love and peace and your strongest ally in life!

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