Many people have the desire to make an impact and change the world – to improve the treatment of others, to increase equity for women, to challenge current policies, to help give everyone a chance at a beautiful, happy life. But the first step to changing the world is to start with yourself! If you strive to be the best you can be and then share that with others, there is a ripple effect.

Your best self is rooted in your personal wellness. Wellness is comprised of seven dimensions – spiritual, intellectual, occupational, emotional, physical, sexual and social. While all of these are interrelated and impact each other, you can work to improve each area individually. In this quarter’s article we’ll start with spiritual wellness – the core of who you are, what you believe and your purpose in this world. It is from here that your true impact will grow and your wellness will blossom.

Here are 5 things you can do to further develop your spiritual wellness.

  • Start a routine practice. Develop a daily practice that brings you closer to the power you believe in (God, Buddha, Allah, The Universe, Mother Earth). If you don’t already, add prayer, meditation, or journaling to your morning and/or evening routine. Go to yoga or a church/temple service weekly. These types of routines will become part of you and your spirit, enhancing whatever you already do for your spirituality.
  • Get outside more. We are inherently connected to the earth and all that encompasses nature. When we spend time outside and are surrounded by nature, our body relaxes, our breathing deepens and our minds calm. This helps us get in touch with our inner nature and authentic self. So get out among the trees, streams, grass, flowers, rocks, sand, etc. more frequently; you may discover some interesting insights about yourself and what you want for your life!
  • Volunteer. Volunteer your time to a cause you believe in. If you struggle with finding the “right” one for you, consider starting a new organization that serves those you want to help. Offering a piece of yourself to others through service demonstrates your values and beliefs and is the foundation to living spiritually. Volunteering is selfish generosity – it has the power to make you feel good while helping others feel better.
  • Play regularly. Allowing yourself to be joyful and playful in your interactions is important, and it’s even more important to find time for whatever you find the most joy in! Whether hiking, cycling, connecting with new people, or dancing, intentionally make time every week to do something that excites you at your core. Your spirit soars most in those moments, so be sure to find your “spiritual recreation”!
  • Go a retreat or mission. Have you ever participated in a sweat lodge, visited a sacred place (like Machu Picchu), or gone on an adventure trip where the purpose was to spend time focusing on yourself, your intentions, and your spirituality? There are numerous providers that can help you find a good location/experience match for your values. For those in Colorado, here are some local possibilities: https://www.colorado.com/articles/6-spiritual-attractions-colorado

It’s too often we take our spirituality – our connection with the human spirit – for granted. It’s important to note that not everyone considers themselves to be “spiritual”. Wherever you are on the spectrum these steps can help one become more centered, thoughtful, compassionate, and understanding. Nurturing the mind, body, soul connection can lead to one’s own enlightenment (spiritual or not) as engaging in these activities allows one to see the truth of what is valuable in life. May it be an inspired one!

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