The definition of a ceremony is an event of significance performed on a special occasion. Most people think of these as being religious or tied to a religion – marriage, funerals, bar mitzvahs – or something formal such as graduation, opening and closing of the Olympics, new year’s eve, etc. However, ceremonies can be created and implemented by every one of us, and you can celebrate with a group of people or by yourself.

Creating and participating in a ceremony is a good way to deal with a transition in your life such as the break-up of a relationship, moving into a new home, staring a new job. Ceremonies are even created around the new moon or full moon and how that cycle can affect you. Ceremony signifies the end and beginning of something in your life. It also helps you to accept what has happened so you can leave the “ending” behind you and move forward into the new “beginning”. The reason is up to you!

What happens in the ceremony is also up to you. Do you want to pray, sing, dance, listen to music, play an instrument, make an offering of something, just sit silently? Will you want to do this on your own or have others there to witness the event with you and potentially help you move forward? You can also find many types of ceremonies online if you want to start with something and adapt it to your situation.

When I moved into my new home nearly two years ago, I found I was struggling with some stress and emotions about the move. Though I only moved an hour away, I missed the area where I had lived and the friends that I had seen much more frequently. In talking about this with Coach Glitz, he suggested I create a ceremony for the new home to accept and celebrate the move. We both contributed to the ceremony which consisted of music, prayer, setting intentions and offering wishes by burning paper with the wishes written on it. It made me feel at peace with this transition in my life that ended up having a bigger impact on me than I ever thought it would.

So when you face a transition in your life, think about the possibility of creating a ceremony for it. Even if it is as small as taking a moment of silence as you sit at the desk of your new job or making a toast at a house warming party, it will help ease some of the feelings that may come with the transition.

One of our preferred wellness partners, Golden Yoga & Healing Arts in Golden, CO (https://www.facebook.com/GoldenYogaHealingArts/), holds an event call the Wisdom Circle around each full moon. Different wellness providers are leading these circles, and the participants are often involved in a ceremony as part of this to celebrate the full moon and prepare for the next cycle. This is a great way to experience different ceremonies! I am leading the March 2nd Wisdom Circle, and we will be participating in a despacho, which is a South American based ceremony to make an offering of whatever you want/need. Come check it out! And if you ever need help with a transition and creating a ceremony or ceremonies to deal with it, contact us at Uninhibited Wellness – we’ll be there for you!

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