We are all familiar with the saying, “make new friends but keep the old…”.  As we go through life, our relationships change – we start new ones, we end some, and some simply shift as we take on new jobs, start families, etc.  Some of this is done consciously, and sometimes it just happens.

It can be really tough when a shift occurs in a close relationship.  For example, I recently moved to Golden from Fort Collins which now puts me over an hour away from a few of the closest friends I have ever made in my life.  My best friend – one that has been there with me through a great deal of change and growth in my life – and I would get together multiple times each week for workouts, lunch, dinners and social events.  I went through an incredibly difficult time with the move since I knew it meant I wouldn’t get to see her or my other friends as much.  And we were only an hour away – some people move states and even countries away from those they love!  The shift doesn’t have to be from a move – often when people start new jobs or have families, they do not have the time to continue to see friends like they had before.

The key to dealing with these shifts is quality.  Rather than seeing each other as much, when you do talk to/see each other, make sure it is quality time whether you get a whole day or just an hour.  Don’t let thinking about the infrequency or amount of time you have get in the way – appreciate whatever you do have.  Do the things you both love to do and enjoy the time you do have.  If you are both truly present for the time together, you can pack a lot of quality in a small or infrequent quantity.  You will find that the relationship will continue to grow even if you see/talk to each other less!

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