Mom was great about keeping things interesting when it came to dinner. In fact, the stack of recipes she keeps in her folder are compiled from the internet, friends, my Nana, me, and who knows from where else as it continues to grow. Mom and Dad’s influence on me with food (among many other areas), whether they knew it at the time or not, was profound as I grew up in our house.

I believe we are all born with certain affinities. I am choosing to not use the word talent here as talent is not inherent in our spirit. Talent is the result of giving time and space to learn that which we have an affinity for. One of my affinities is cooking. I was born to be working with food. We are not all created equally though, and as such people need help in the kitchen, or sometimes just some exposure to knew ideas and experiences which they can carry with them as they pursue their own affinities!

Through the years I have used my curiosity to learn through many avenues about technique, cuisine, flavor profiles, and how to create beautiful meals. The biggest challenge came to me a few years ago when I refocused all my learnings to start creating healthy meals. I’ve found there has been a drastic gap in knowledge for many chefs who were taught by the traditional schools with French cooking techniques. These chefs are capable of delivering delicious, rich foods but often stumble when it comes to creating a plant-based meal with clean ingredients that tastes amazing. The education simply doesn’t take them there. This translates to you having limited options as you are looking to go out to eat but be healthy at the same time.

While I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and wish to influence people with their food choices to improve their physical health, there are other wellness factors to consider. One of those factors is passion. Many people have a passion for food but are not interested in exploring it “hands-on” as I have. It can be overwhelming to think about creating a masterpiece in your home kitchen. After all, when we don’t know what we’re doing and when we lack the experience and confidence, it can also be an incredibly time-consuming endeavor.

After thinking about these challenges, I came up with a fun concept called, “Adventures in Dining”. I love creating classic dishes which require finesse, method, coordination, and punctuality to bring it all together. I love delighting my guests with spontaneity and my own unique sense of flavor. This program that we developed is designed to get people outside of their respective boxes. Adventures in Dining is a pop-up, speak-easy style event where our guests arrive dressed to match the theme of the evening. Cosplay, role-play, games and activities, and a four-course decadent meal along with paired wines, beautifully crafted to provide an experience beyond anything offered by restaurants and traditional dinner clubs.

Occasional indulgences are without question a part of self-care. Whatever your passions and affinities are, I encourage you to seek out and participate so you may refuel and rekindle your fire. We are meant to enjoy. What is it that brings you your greatest enjoyments? Go get involved and spice up your life! To participate in Adventures in Dining, you can reach out to us for inquiries and tickets. Adventure awaits!

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