Social Wellness

Adventures in Dining

Mom was great about keeping things interesting when it came to dinner. In fact, the stack of recipes she keeps in her folder are compiled from the internet, friends, my Nana, me, and who knows from where else as it continues to grow. Mom and Dad’s influence on me with...

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You Can’t Pick Your Family

Or can you? Society generally considers our family to be our biological relations. However, some families – whether through adoption or remarriage – do not have biological ties. Many native cultures have tribes – these are communities comprised of people linked by...

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A Father’s Day Reflection

I grew up in a home where I was loved warmly by two parents...I am the fortunate beneficiary of parents who were, and still are, great supporters of my life, even if they don’t always understand my modes, tactics, and philosophies. Thank you both for the opportunity...

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Equality or equity?

Many people entered this year with hesitation, fear and anxiety about how things would change due to the new administration. How would we as individuals be treated? Would there be discriminatory practices and regulations due to the beliefs of those in the new...

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Leaving is a Leap

Getting into a deep, close relationship with someone – whether a friend or a romantic partner – is a leap of faith. This level of relationship means trusting, loving, being loved, and allowing your authentic self to be seen and heard. There is risk. What if one of you...

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He Can’t Read Your Mind

Have you been hurt by your significant other because of something they said (or didn’t say)? Have you been angry because they didn’t do what you expected them to do? Are you frustrated with them because they didn’t buy you the gift you were hoping for (and hinted at)...

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A Feast of Gratitude

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday. Reminiscing about Thanksgiving in Rochester, NY brings back feelings of warmth, fall colors, family, tradition, football, and the advent of Christmastime all during my favorite season! Eggnog, nuts in the shell in a bowl...

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Fearless Parenting

New parents often have nightmares about their children. Dreams spurred on by all the unknowns related to being a parent. New parents suffer from being "fish out of water". No matter how "together" someone may portrait themselves to be, deep down they know they are...

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The Avocado Lovers

How open are you in your partnership/relationship? I suppose I should define what I mean by "open"; being open is when you feel safe sharing deep concerns, emotions, problems, and hurts, along with inspirations, successes, congrats, thank yous, and kisses; it's...

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Quality Over Quantity

We are all familiar with the saying, “make new friends but keep the old…”.  As we go through life, our relationships change – we start new ones, we end some, and some simply shift as we take on new jobs, start families, etc.  Some of this is done consciously, and...

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