Women, do you sometimes feel your man is not masculine enough?  Does he open the door for you?  Does he offer to fix things for you?  Does he pull out your chair when sitting down?  Does he boldly push you against a wall, grab your face and passionately kiss you?  If not, or not enough, let me ask you this…do you let him?

Many women grow up and want the man in fairy tales and chick flicks – the knight in shining armor that rides in on a white horse brandishing his sword (or in a limo wielding an umbrella) that saves the day and then swoops you up to ride off into the sunset.  Although men want to be that knight, they often aren’t (anymore).  Why is that?  Because women have become so masculine that we have prevented the knight from taking charge.  The feminist movement and fight for equality has driven women to act more like men in order to be given the opportunities men have enjoyed.

Men and women have both feminine and masculine energy (yin and yang).  Generally, men have more masculine energy and women more feminine.*  But in order to get higher pay and more promotions, many women have squashed their feminine energy and used more of their masculine.  Often this is not just in the work place, but also with family and friends – essentially everywhere and in every situation.  Directness, forcefulness, speaking literally and logically, the “I got it” or “I can take care of it myself” attitude – these are all masculine attributes.  And while the “independent” persona may attract a man at first, if he is really masculine, he will eventually struggle with this.  He may pull away from the competition (another masculine trait) or may shift into his feminine energy more because it better compliments the masculine.  This then becomes a turn-off for a woman that desires a masculine man.  I know this from experience; these behaviors contributed to the demise of one of my relationships – I was so masculine when I was younger that I emasculated my partner and became un-attracted to his counter-femininity.

That is not to say that women can’t do things for themselves and shouldn’t be self-sufficient.  And there are times when masculine energy may be necessary and/or desired.  But the real trick is to balance the two energies and let your natural energy flow more often, especially when dating and in relationship.  You can learn to recognize when you are in one energy versus the other, how to transition between them and how to let the feminine run wild to attract and charm the knight of your dreams.

The fairy tale can exist, ladies!  Would you like to learn more?  We offer a group program for women called Unleashing Your Feminine Power.  In this program, we examine our energies and ways to let the femininity flow while still being powerful in your life.  Contact us now to join other amazing women and move closer to the life and relationships you desire!

*This is not always the case – some men have or desire more feminine energy and women masculine. Much of this still applies – the key is to live in your authentic energy to attract the opposite energy, regardless of gender!

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