Sexual Wellness

The Yin and The Yang

Women, do you sometimes feel your man is not masculine enough?  Does he open the door for you?  Does he offer to fix things for you?  Does he pull out your chair when sitting down?  Does he boldly push you against a wall, grab your face and passionately kiss you?  If...

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Bringing Sexy Back

Sexy is an individual trait, and it is perceived differently.  It means sexually attractive and exciting.  What one person believes is sexy may not be to another person.  For example, I find tattoos sexy (like Adam Levine) and some people don’t.  But a man doesn’t...

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Asking For What You Desire

No matter how much your partner knows you, they can’t read your mind.  Even if you have had sex with them several times, they don’t automatically know what pleases you and won’t necessarily pick up on “hints” given through sounds, body movements, smiles or any other...

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