Growing up, we all learned how to eat through our family dynamics, from relatives and friends, from schools and commercials. In our adult years, we may decide that it’s time to get in shape or get healthy, so we pick up a diet book or watch Dr. Oz. No two sources seem to have complimentary evidence to the other. I myself am trained in over 100 dietary theories, but I know that if I walked into a big bookstore, I would find well over 100 titles, and these would be the top 100 best selling diet books at that particular moment in time (but there are so many more).

Standing to reason, we are a confused species. We, as a culture, have run ourselves ragged chasing “the American dream” to the point that we’ve self-abandoned and are primed to buy into anything that promises us what we want. Is life really that easy though? Of course it isn’t, but we want it to be, and we keep buying the pill, getting the surgery, trend dieting, and listening to celebrities whether they are reliable or not.

All modalities of healing have their place, and none should be relied upon so heavily as our ability to think, feel, and take care of ourselves. This is the self-abandonment I’ve described. We have decided that we don’t have time, or that organics are just a ploy, or that work is more important than our actual well-being. What we’ve sacrificed is our health. We’ve stopped feeling our bodies in a way that reveals the dietary answers and the healing that we so fervently seek externally at the doctor’s office!

While I would never tell a client to not go see a doctor, it’s really important for all of us to understand the limitations of those we are seeking advice from. Doctors rarely receive more than a semester long class on nutrition, yet they have become the top resource for people seeking solutions to their health. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the chemicals you put on your skin.. the movement you give your body, and the food you put in your sensitive system are the answers to the majority of auto-immune disorders you might experience. Again, this is not to say that western medicine is evil, it’s just malnourished!

Cleaning up how we eat can carry us far in life, but most importantly, it makes us feel good! While we may receive instant gratification from eating junk food, there is a price to pay which reveals itself slowly. My hope is that I reach my clients before they choose to contract heart disease or Type II Diabetes and others, but it often takes a catastrophic diagnosis such as these to motivate a person into caring about their health. It’s not too late if you have been though. There are plenty of cases of these diseases being managed if not reversed through a lifestyle shift and a change in the way of eating.

We are all different, our bodies all respond to different nutrients and foods, and we are all capable of figuring this out for ourselves even if a little help is needed. I encourage you all to seek out an alternative health practitioner when trying to discover the answers to a non-life-threatening health concern; you may find yourself feeling better and without the side-effects of prescription medications or surgeries. Most professionals in the alternative health arena will offer a free initial session to discuss your need.

Your body was designed to heal, cleanse, recover, and even regenerate in some cases. You just need to give it the opportunity to do so. It starts and ends with you, the captain of your vessel!

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