Do you know why you eat what you eat?  There are a whole host of reasons – it’s easy, it’s fast, it’s tradition, it makes me feel good, it brings me comfort, it’s a party, I’m stressed, I have the munchies, I’m emotional, I’m traveling, I’m on a diet, the FDA or USDA recommends it, etc.  Our environment, culture, eating history, habits and emotions all play a role in what we eat.  And we are often not even conscious of what we are eating.  However, most of us are conscious of the fact that we don’t always eat very well – Coach Glitz and I included!

Just because we’ve eaten particular foods in the past or are prone to certain hereditary conditions does not mean we have to continue to repeat the past.  You can break old patterns and eat more nutritionally.  It’s never too late to get healthy!

The first thing you need to do is set yourself up for success and take control where you can.  Set up your home environment by displaying fresh fruits and veggies – often what you see is what you grab.  Clean out your pantry and get rid of processed and packaged foods – these are not nutritious.  Make meal plans for yourself and family – there are numerous recipes that are fast and nutritious and can fit with your lifestyle.  When shopping buy whole and natural foods – and take the time to learn how to interpret labels.   When you are at work, take your lunch and snacks in with you to avoid what is often available there.  When at restaurants, ask questions – most places will honor substitutions if you no longer eat certain things.  Most of all, take the time to be conscious when choosing to eat something and really taste it while you eat it.  This doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to indulge in your favorite delicacy from time to time – if you make it an occasional treat, it will likely taste even better!

Getting proper rest and physical activity can also help with making good eating decisions.  When tired we often reach for something fast and easy and many times not very healthy.  Additionally, if you are feeling emotional, try to work through that before eating – making poor food choices can often cause you to feel worse than you did when you reached for the food.  One of the best ways to ensure you make good eating choices is to find support.  Hang out with people that have good habits – their choices will impact you and vice versa.  Support through family, friends or formal groups has been shown in research to help in making changes.  If you don’t currently have the best support network, then contact us – we can help you with all of this so you can find success on the path to a healthier you!

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