First, be sure to have plenty of fruitcake on hand as the only proper and acceptable snack for the holidays (I’m joking of course)! I find it difficult to imagine (with no offense to those loyals) how anyone could look at a fruitcake, smell it, slice it, take a bite, mash it up with their teeth and push it around with their tongue, and after all of this, still actually swallow it!!!

Seriously now, the most challenging thing in the world to many people is remaining disciplined with their eating habits during the holidays. From before Halloween, companies are marketing their way into the hearts of consumers, and basically reassuring everyone, that it’s normal and good and joy abound to overindulge. Not only the supermarkets, but more specifically, companies selling products like stuffing, hams, turkeys, cheeses, chips, cookies, and my favorite (humorously)…(if you’ve purchased everything else they’ve convinced you to buy, odds are good you will need) the antacid.

So how does one combat the onslaught of delectable goodies and navigate one’s busy life in a healthy manner while visiting relatives, attending dinner parties, and fulfilling end of year deadlines at work, while remaining joyful, and not feeling like you’re missing out on anything? Try these tips out:

1)  Keep a consistent schedule for getting your exercise in! Get that heart rate up with walking, running, cycling, zumba, or whatever your favorite method is, but the key is to create as many endorphins for yourself as possible and keep ’em coming! This will keep your nervous system operating at it’s best and will help you sleep deeper at night! There is also the fringe benefit of feeling like you’re doing something healthy for yourself, and of course you want to keep that going!

2) Go to bed! There is a ton of sleep research out there, but what I’d like to call attention to is the fundamental fact that getting enough rest helps you function better throughout your day! We can all agree that when we sleep poorly, our days are less enjoyable, stressors are abnormally heightened, and decreased coping skills usually take center stage. Now, recognize that when you’ve received 8+ hours of sleep, you’re far more equipped to handle that standoffish co-worker, or that pesky tray of cookies, candies, and bundt cake slices!

3) Get zen! Paired with the first two tips, realize that everything on offer, from pinwheels to swedish meatballs, regardless, you’ve tasted it before, you know you have! Say this to yourself, “Not only have I eaten that before, but I don’t want it! I know what it tastes like, and I know how it makes me feel, and I know how it makes me feel about myself!” Now walk confidently into that party, and make a beeline to the veggie and hummus tray knowing that you won’t be regretting your choices (like 95% of everyone else in attendance). Stick to your guns and be a warrior for yourself!

Friends, treating your body kindly is the greatest gift you can give yourself this holiday season! You’re worth it!!!

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