There are so many resources for healthy eating and dieting which are so visible due to advertising and marketing, they are in the forefront of our minds when we need information on how to eat for losing weight, cardiovascular health, to avoid diabetes, how eating impacts cancer, etc. TV experts like Dr. Oz and The Doctors say one thing, while magazines such as Women’s Health and Clean Eating say something different. Let’s not forget all of the supplements and surgeries available to help curb appetite and lose weight. Then there are the vast array of diets created which boast all the above benefits but have completely different approaches. What are we to listen to? What are we to believe? The answer is far simpler than you might think. The answer lies within YOU!

Our culture has become one of instant gratification. We want the pill, we want the surgery, we want someone to tell us what to do so we don’t have to worry about it in our increasingly busy lives. While we’re at it, let’s ask for the fairy to wave her wand and make all of our dietary wishes come true? Sorry to sound snarky here, but we must wake up! The truth is that being in good health takes work, it’s a journey, a practice, and a lifestyle, and there’s no one but YOU who can do this for you! You are capable!

As children of our culture and society, we are thousands of years removed from a life where we were using instinct, emotion, and feeling to guide us in our daily needs. Fast-forwarding to the present, we live in a way that desensitizes us from the primal responses which might otherwise keep us healthy and alive. Instead, and quite egotistically, we like to think that we’ve beaten mother nature, that we’ve got her all figured out. We use data, case studies, and statistics to preoccupy our minds and which we equate with the truth. Why is this such a problem? Humans. Humans are conducting the studies and the research, and other humans are paying for the research to take place, and often it’s because more humans are trying to find a specific result and often manipulate the studies (always within ethical boundaries I’m sure) in order to prove a theory. I’m sure you can see there might be some conflict of interest. Ex. – The USDA funds a study that tells us that dairy is a healthy food. The conflict is that the USDA grants subsidies to the dairy industry which in turn helps them pay for their advertising; it’s all about sales (equating to approx. $27bil/yr).

We are so very capable of taking control of our health in spite of all these obstacles! The first thing I recommend is The Uninformed Diet. Don’t look it up, I just named it, although people have been doing it for a long time!

The Uninformed Diet starts with letting go of the obsessiveness which drives us to find answers by way of trusting all of the “authorities” which we rely on to guide us in the right direction with our health. The health industry is a trillion dollar industry, and there are more humans involved, and they all want you to buy their products! That’s not to say that all of it is a ruse, not at all, but we must approach information with a questioning eye, or we’re simply believing everything we read, watch, or listen to. Limiting our access to news, TV shows, magazines, commercials, and the news are a great first step to regaining your primal instincts. While it’s easy to think that they are there to help, in many ways they simply distract us from what we are really feeling. Listening to ourselves is a practice which served us well, and returning to these roots is critical to our survival!

Secondly, and you’re going to hate this one, but, go on a cleanse.

A 5 day cleanse will allow your body to release toxins from your system, and begin to reset your mind. There are many methods on the market, but the most beneficial one I know of requires you to only pay the grocery store. The Master Cleanse (you can look this one up) has worked for many people and is often the go-to cleanse when deciding to take the reigns on one’s health. By clearing your body of the toxins left behind by sugar, processed and pre-packaged foods, cured meats, and dairy, we can make our bodies sensitive enough to feel the benefits of eating nutritious foods.

Step 3: In step 3 it’s time to get real about WHY we are eating. Our perspective is what runs our lives, and if we decide to be stubborn and make indulgence our main means of feeding ourselves, we will never get anywhere. Realizing that we eat for survival first is key, and it’s a move that angers many people. I’ve actually seen people get offended at the fact that I can look at a supreme pizza with extra cheese and not be tempted for a minute! It’s not personal, it’s simply what I do for myself to feel good.

You see, after shutting the toxic information off to your brain, then eliminating the toxins from your body, the result is being more sensitive to what you expose yourself to and FEELING how food impacts your system when you eat what your body is needing, then you can easily make choices about food which work best for you.

You must realize that it’s YOUR truth that matters, not the truth that everyone else is trying to sell you! Listen. Start over, and listen to what your body is telling you, then make conscious, intentional decisions about how you want to feel. I would never tell you that you must never indulge, but to make those indulgences the exception, and feed your body what it needs 90% of the time. You can do it! You’re worth it!


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