Physical Wellness

Food for Thought

Recently I have been thinking about an intriguing concept. I think a lot and spend plenty of time in self-reflection. Being a Holistic Health Coach and Nutritional Chef, I think about people, and then I think about food, and then I think about people and their...

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Your Physical Wellness

Winter is just around the corner, and that means shorter days, heavy comfort meals and less time outside. The holidays are in full swing, and that can mean extra running around, increased negative stress or DISTRESS, eating a lot more food (and much of that loaded...

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Human Health, Eating, and Western Medicine

Growing up, we all learned how to eat through our family dynamics, from relatives and friends, from schools and commercials. In our adult years, we may decide that it’s time to get in shape or get healthy, so we pick up a diet book or watch Dr. Oz. No two sources seem...

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Inflammation: Friend or Foe?

A guest blog from our partner, Kimsey, at Progressive Health and Wellness. In 1999, the cover of Time Magazine boasted “Inflammation: The Secret Killer.” A commonly used but poorly understood term, inflammation has been attributed to the underlying cause of all...

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3 Steps Towards Healthy Eating

There are so many resources for healthy eating and dieting which are so visible due to advertising and marketing, they are in the forefront of our minds when we need information on how to eat for losing weight, cardiovascular health, to avoid diabetes, how eating...

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Eat to create a healthier you!

Do you know why you eat what you eat?  There are a whole host of reasons - it's easy, it's fast, it's tradition, it makes me feel good, it brings me comfort, it's a party, I'm stressed, I have the munchies, I'm emotional, I'm traveling, I'm on a diet, the FDA or USDA...

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Stretch Yourself

Both literally and figuratively!  Most of us do not stretch enough - and that includes work out junkies like me.  It is important for the body to stretch, especially if you are active.  It contributes to range of motion, flexibility and injury prevention.  It improves...

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Finding Your Way (of eating)

Finding your own "way of eating" can be challenging. I'd like to talk about the topic of bio-individuality. Bio-individuality means we are all different and there isn't one boilerplate diet that fits everyone's health needs. There are many reasons why there are so...

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