What impresses me about the human species, is our power of will. People have done amazing things in the face of adversity, many of which we may take for granted. We think that those who have achieved great things had something special. Well, it’s true…what made them special is they believed!

Let’s look first at where you came from…YES! YOU! Imagine the odds, the improbability of you being exactly who you are today, right now! Think about how many millions of little sperms took off heading for your mother’s egg, and yet only one, YOURS, was strong enough, fast enough, cunning enough, and biologically good enough to make that journey and create the amazing person you get to look at in the mirror every day! So don’t tell me, you can’t do something! Like I tell my 11-year-old son, Connor (and he’s letting it sink in more as he experiences his life), a person (YOU) can do anything, literally!

We’ve seen amazing feats from people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Princess Diana, Neil Armstrong, Gandhi, Oprah, John Lennon, and the list goes on and on. Now I don’t bring these names up to tell you that we all can be celebrities, for we can do great things with our lives without having celebrity status. Some of these people were privileged, some not. Some were in favorable socio-political environments, some not. Some had classical educations, some not. What they have in common though is that they started from a place unique. They started on a path. They believed in their work. They put their true selves out into the open where they were susceptible to the judgments of others. They worked, they fought, they struggled, they persevered. Imagine if they had a negative attitude, would they have become who you know to be awesome, or would they have simply been another face on the street?

Now, imagine if the above-referenced people had a negative attitude. What if they looked at their path and thought about how hard it would be, that they were too small for the job. There’s no question in my mind they went through periods of self-doubt, questioning if they were doing the right thing for themselves, but in the end, those moments are tiny compared to the rest of their thoughts. These amazing people didn’t start with the intention of being what they became, they simply started, believed, and allowed it to unfold. They made choices that fed into their beliefs. After years of practice, they simply were what they became, the people we admire.

YOU must decide, YOU must make a choice; once you’ve chosen a goal, you must also choose the work necessary to reach that goal; is it easy? No. Are there hurdles? Yes. Are you afraid? Probably. Making that choice to improve your life, though, is the most courageous act of all! You are capable of everything you desire. Believe it!

Now go kick some ass!!!!

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