Keto Lava Cake Microwave

Once the top is mostly done, it is cooked. Preheat the oven to 350°f (175°c) and grease two ramekins with butter.

The Best Keto Lava Cake – Low Carb Molten Mug Cake With Only 4g Carbs Recipe Keto Recipes Easy Recipes Low Carb Keto Recipes

This chocolate mug cake is the ultimate easy keto dessert for one you can make in less than 4 minutes in the microwave.

Keto lava cake microwave. But since you make it in the microwave, it uses cocoa powder and vanilla extract instead of dark chocolate. Simply prepare the lava cake as directed, but transfer into a greased, oven safe ramekin. Want to take your keto lava cake over the top?

Add the almond flour, swerve, cocoa powder, baking powder and beaten egg to the ramekin. Alternatively, melt the butter and. Lava cake for 1 makes warm, sweet, chocolaty gooey goodness in minutes.

Enjoy cake while still warm. You can prep the chocolate batter ahead of time and place the covered cup in the microwave. As there is no flour or milk, it can dry up very quickly.

From the freezer let thaw on counter and then follow the microwave. Pour the chocolate cake batter into a 4.5 inch glass baking dish. For best results, reheat in a 350 degree f oven for about 10 minutes, until warm.

Cool cakes completely, place on a lined baking sheet, and store in the freezer until solid. This easy keto chocolate lava mug cake is a perfect sweeter treat i have every now and then on my keto diet lifestyle. If you use a microwave, the mug cake will only take about one minute to.

Low carb lava cake variations. There are 2 ways you can make this keto chocolate lava mug cake. Do not over bake the lava cake.

Add your ingredients to a bowl. Top with whipped cream or ice cream. Reheating or refrigerating a cooked lava cake will make you loose out on the gooey middle.

Simply adjust the baking time depending on how runny you would like the centre of the keto lava cake. Make sure to mix well! The center will be tacky and moist to the touch.

In fact, most of the ingredients in keto mug cake are the same as this lava cake. How to make 15 minute keto lava cakes. Bake at 180c/350f for 5 minutes, or until the top is ‘just done’.

***macros can be found at: You can cook it in the microwave, or in the oven. Tips to make the best keto chocolate lava cake.

Cook cake in the microwave at full power for about 1 minute or until the middle of the cake puffs up, the cake has pulled away from the edges of the mug and is only slightly gooey around the edges. This is the texture i aimed for. How to make keto chocolate lava cake.

With just over 2 net carbs it is a very satisfying low carb treat. After 9 minutes, the cake will be set at the top and on the sides and bottom, but the inside will be molten chocolate batter. First, in a ramekin or mug…melt the butter in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Start by adding butter to a ramekin and microwave for 30 seconds. Add the egg, sweetener and heavy cream and beat until smooth. Next add in the cocoa powder, swerve sweetener, stevia and.

This chocolate, molten centred dessert of course uses no flour as keto friendly, with very low carbs but is. In a microwave safe mixing bowl, add the chocolate, butter, cocoa powder, and 1/2 tsp. Cook in the microwave for a couple of minutes and flip upside down to allow all the molten lava cake to ooze out.

To make keto lava cake in the microwave, you just need to do the following: Swirl it around the ramekin to sort of grease the sides. Using a double boiler, melt the chocolate and butter.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes or until edges of the cake are set. Plus it doesn’t take long to prepare and cooks in 1 minute in the microwave. Great for keto and gluten free.

Add the cocoa powder and mix until smooth. Preheat your oven to 180c/355f.

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