Whether it’s the “bleeding heart liberals” or the “right wing fascists” or human rights, or animal rights, peace, war, Coke, or Pepsi, people have opinions! After all, we are entitled at the very least to have one!

I had gone to pick up a dear friend of mine who upon my arrival was clearly in a foul mood. I came in ready to have a positively good time and was not deterred by his callus frank delivery of what he thought about the world and life. After the dust settled from my arrival, and after my query about his “baditude”, I found out that our president had yet again gotten under his skin with a policy change my friend felt was unjust.

I actually had this particular blog topic in mind when I picked him up and was looking forward to exploring it with him! So now it was real!

What’s your problem? You could say that everything is your problem technically. We are all connected, and we all impact each others lives. Even something as simple as buying an article of clothing will have an impact on a textile shop worker on the other side of the world, and that is why it’s important to think globally! You have an impact! But when that circle tightens down and things become more local, we tend to allow ourselves to feel more affected.

I am a firm believer in Yin-Yang, or universal balance. It’s not Karma (although that too is important and a topic for another post); it’s realizing that no matter what greatness exists in your life, the reciprocal is happening somewhere else, sometimes in relationships with our loved ones, sometimes with a stranger in a foreign country. That being said, I do not believe that people are all bad, all good, right or wrong. I also know that for every time I see something terrible happen, I also see how it might have been a good thing for someone else.

As far as my friend is concerned, the president can do no right by him. And while I can see why he has such disdain for the commander in chief, I believe that this climate is allowing us to see things we couldn’t see before – there are movements, people are mobilizing, people are letting go of their apathy. There are politicians out there pushing what their base wants, not what their party wants. Things are shifting!

And so while we suffer, and experience trauma, over time we can see the purpose, the positive, and the balance that is offered in an adverse situation! What’s your problem? Or what are you allowing to be your problem? If you’ve determined that something is your problem, what are you willing to do about it?

Being a “victim” is another piece of this and perhaps the most important of all! My friend is often at home and has NPR on constantly. So not only does he hear the news, he gets to hear it multiple times per day! Some people stew, and some people deal with this by posting things on social media which feels gratifying as though they are part of a movement, as a way of making their voices heard. The reality though, is that there is so much scatter brained information coming through your feed on all the various apps that it is lost and forgotten shortly after it’s read or viewed. Your video may have gone viral, but still, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ve taken action. Your thoughts and words are important, but it’s more important to direct that energy and focus into avenues that actually help whatever cause you’re speaking out about.

So, what’s your problem? Is it important enough for you to take action? If the answer is, “yes” – go find a way to be involved in your direct community and find out how to make a positive contribution. If the answer is, “no” – you have the option of turning off the source of the stress and calm down, or you can continue to expose yourself to it and own your victimship, or you can try to become dispassionate about it and simply observe. In other words, let it go! What is your emotional wellness worth to you? What do you need to do for your emotional well-being?

What ever you do, once you’ve figured out the answer to this question of, “What’s your problem?”, the result should be some sort of action.

Take some sort of action! That is the American spirit if I ever saw one. Not stubbornness, not outspokenness, not automobiles and fireworks, it’s simply CREATIVE ACTION!

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