This is a guest blog from our preferred partner, Jess, of Radiant Self Care!

First, let’s talk about what resilience actually is.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the actual definition is as follows:

noun | re·sil·ience | ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s

1: the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress
2: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

So many of us have been exposed to trauma, pain, setbacks, challenges, & mistakes in our lives!

Speaking for myself personally, many of my challenges came early on as a child with an early divorce between my parents at the age of 2, living with my dad in poverty conditions with no running water or electricity until the 5th grade & grade school years filled with torment from bullies who made my life a living hell.

As a result I struggled as I got older. A LOT!

You see… I’d never learned as a child how to navigate the dark muddy waters of my life & it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s before I learned that my pain & suffering had some really valuable gifts to offer me, which improved my capacity to overcome adversity when I needed it the most.

So to help YOU learn how to recover faster, course-correct & adjust more quickly during or following setbacks, challenges or mistakes, I want to share an extremely valuable self-assessment & course-correction practice with you that I believe is the secret to resiliency!

When you find yourself in the middle of a “dark night of the soul” experience, struggling to stay positive, or having difficulty overcoming an obstacle or experience that you’re facing, below you will find a simple course-correction practice that will allow you to mitigate the toxic effects of stress, better navigate these painful transitions & accelerate your ability to bounce back FAST. 🙂

This simple course-correction exercise is called “What’s the Gift?” & is comprised of the following questions:

1.      What lessons or wisdom are you gaining that are of positive benefit to you by experiencing the pain & suffering that comes from the saboteurs or challenges you’re facing?

2.      What positive opportunities for growth or transformation (if any) could occur or have occurred in your life as a result of these saboteurs or challenges?

3.      What’s the silver lining to look for in what’s not working well?

4.      What would work better?

5.      What beliefs or ways of thinking need to be shifted to help you take on a more positive attitude or outlook?

Once you’ve identified the answers to these questions, you now have a choice. Will this new enlightened & empowered way of viewing your troublesome situation move you into action to improve your situation or will you choose to become the victim, waiting for someone else to come save you?

Whatever you decide, the choice is yours but I promise if you practice looking for the gift in your everyday challenges & experiences (each & every day!) you will begin to notice over time a transformation in how you’re handling what comes your way!

In the beginning, it may not shift your energy each & every time, but with practice you WILL start to feel the results more fully as you save & lead yourself back to the confidence & self-mastery that you desire, over & over & over again.

Don’t believe me? Try it. 🙂

Simply take yourself through this process at least once a week (or every day to accelerate the results you’ll receive!) over the next month to see if it shifts your energy & makes it easier for you to bounce back.

I’m betting it will. 🙂

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