Emotional Wellness

Take a vacation!

Do you use your vacation time?  Studies show that up to 55% of Americans don’t take all of their paid vacation.  Vacation time is for filling up your personal fuel tank.  Your car wouldn’t run on empty, and neither do you (for very long anyway)!  It is important to...

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Dealing with (Di)Stress

Stress is inevitable in our lives.  We face a variety of stressors – work, family, finances, relationships, expectations, society, world events, lack of sleep, emotional trauma, traffic, etc.  Whenever we deal with uncertainty and change, it can bring stress.  Stress...

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The Avocado Lovers

How open are you in your partnership/relationship? I suppose I should define what I mean by "open"; being open is when you feel safe sharing deep concerns, emotions, problems, and hurts, along with inspirations, successes, congrats, thank yous, and kisses; it's...

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We all have deep, conditioned beliefs about ourselves that were taken on very early in life and subsequently affect our relationships.  The way these form is that some trauma occurs that creates strong emotions for you. (Note that an experience doesn’t have to be what...

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Going Through Transitions

All of us go through many transitions in life – the beginning and ending of relationships, ending and starting new jobs, going to a new school, moving to a new place or someone we love moving – even taking on a new way of living life.  These may seem simple or...

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Music – A Mood Ring

Who's your favorite band/artist? I've been asked this questions so many times, and the answer is never easy. I could tell you who I believe to be the best in their genre, who is the most talented, etc...but to answer that question honestly, about who my favorite is, I...

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Have you ever felt lonely?  We have all felt it - that unconfident, no one cares about me right now feeling.  No one likes to feel that they aren’t really seen or heard.  It hurts to feel invisible.  We can experience this whether we are alone or even when we are with...

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The Importance of Hugs

Did you know that there is a National Hugging Day?  January 21st for the past 30 years is a celebration of this important gesture.  Hugging is emotionally and physically healing and relieves stress and helps us connect with others.  Research has shown that a proper,...

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One of the most genuine and beautiful characteristics a person can have and display is vulnerability. It is the key to being seen and therefore known. It is the path to real connection. It is courageously exposing your true self to others knowing that they may not...

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Aggressive Behavior

As of late I have been witness to two and have heard about two other acts of aggression ranging from simply seeing someone at a bar flipping off the group I was with for no apparent reason, to someone I love getting shoved by a stranger over a parking space, to a...

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