Who’s your favorite band/artist? I’ve been asked this questions so many times, and the answer is never easy. I could tell you who I believe to be the best in their genre, who is the most talented, etc…but to answer that question honestly, about who my favorite is, I realized last time that there is far more that leads me to an answer than I previously thought. Part of which is my mood! Where is my perspective that day? It makes all the difference!

When I’m stuck in my head, and in my problem-solving mindset, I tend to listen to bands like Rush, and Dream Theater.  When I’m feeling connected with my spirit (which is most often as my friends can attest), I gravitate to Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. Feeling like kicking some ass? Then it’s Alice in Chains, or Iron Maiden. When I want a history lesson it’s all about Mark Knopfler! When it’s time to zen, though…Anugama radio on Pandora is where it’s at.

What and why do you choose the music you listen to? Is it intellectually stimulating, or is there a deeper connection for you? Exploring your modus operandi here can give you some insight in actually turning your mood around! For instance, if I’m feeling down, I put on some old-school hip-hop and all of a sudden I feel myself lifting out of my funk!

What is your experience with music and how does it affect you?

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