Have you ever felt lonely?  We have all felt it – that unconfident, no one cares about me right now feeling.  No one likes to feel that they aren’t really seen or heard.  It hurts to feel invisible.  We can experience this whether we are alone or even when we are with other people with whom we don’t really have a connection.  The good news is that feeling lonely is temporary. 

Feeling lonely does not mean that you are alone in this world!  You know you have friends and loved ones you can reach out to if you really need them.  If you don’t feel you have much of a support network, you can build one – attend networking events, find meetups that appeal to you, or take a class tied to an interest.  Sometimes you may choose to be alone with yourself – to have your “me” time.  This provides much needed self-care in your life and can be more fulfilling than being around superficial connections.  Being alone is temporary!

Have you ever embraced loneliness?  Even when it comes to our best friends, we will occasionally feel unimportant.  There is only one way to change the landscape of your life – physically move through it.  Likewise, if we accept that we will sometimes feel a certain emotion like loneliness, it becomes easier to recognize and move through it.  Acceptance rather than avoidance can also make you better appreciate those moments when you feel accepted, connected and loved. 

If you have trouble dealing with loneliness and aren’t sure who to reach out to, perhaps you need a coach…we can recommend someone if you don’t know where to start.  Call us now for your FREE consultation!

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