Valentine’s Day is celebrated every February. Getting dinner reservations around that time is difficult. It is the second busiest time of year for florists (to Mother’s Day). People scramble to buy gifts for their loved one(s), many at the last minute. The day is fraught with expectations of how a spouse, partner, friend is supposed to act. If someone isn’t recognized, hurt feelings and conflict can result. The day is also rough on those not in relationship – while others are receiving gifts of love, they are not. All of this brings a great deal of stress to many people.

A day set aside to demonstrate your love is not a bad thing. My question is – why one day? Why can’t every day be Valentine’s Day? I’m not suggesting that we need to buy flowers for our partner every day. But why not demonstrate your love regularly throughout the year? It means more when we randomly give someone a card telling them how we feel about them or give a small gift just because we wanted to. These acts communicate much more than saving it for one day just because we are expected to behave a certain way on February 14th.

We are Uninhibited Wellness believe in living uninhibitedly – not according to expectation or what society says we are “supposed” to do. Live authentically to you, your own rules. So create your own traditions about demonstrating your love to those important to you. Don’t wait for that one day.

We challenge you to create your own process – a few times a year, once a month or even more frequently! Express your love publicly or privately or a combination of both. Share with us how you intend to do this if you like – sometimes the accountability stirs motivation and excitement. For example, I’m going to make it a goal to share my love with someone each month through messages telling the person what they mean to me and my life, so each month I will be spreading love! And the more we give, the more love grows! Let’s all be St. Valentine any day and every day!

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