All of us go through many transitions in life – the beginning and ending of relationships, ending and starting new jobs, going to a new school, moving to a new place or someone we love moving – even taking on a new way of living life.  These may seem simple or ordinary on the surface, but they are often big steps in our lives.  Sometimes they can overwhelm us and cause strong emotions.

I recently moved from the Fort Collins, Colorado area to Golden (about an hour away).  I had wanted to move to Golden for several months and thought I would be excited about the move.  I was excited but a few days before the move found I was also incredibly sad and scared.  These feelings were a surprise to me – I couldn’t believe I was having such strong emotions!  Then I realized this move was a big step in my journey, and I was now going to be an hour away from close friends that had played a big role in my journey to that point.  While it might not be a big deal for others, it was for me.

After sitting with the emotions for several days, I realized I wanted to honor that transition and create a ritual to signify the end of a chapter in my life and the beginning of a new one.  I felt that enacting a ritual would allow me to progress through the transition and be even more excited about my new home and location.  I also wanted to honor the recognition that I needed to put more quality into the interactions with important friends since the quantity would decrease.

Transitions are a part of life, and it is important to be aware of them – big or small – when they occur and to accept whatever emotions come with them.  It is also important that we honor the transitions with some sort of ritual – whether existing or personally created, in a group or individually – whatever works for you when you are ready.  A classic example is graduating from high school or college – this is celebrated through commencement ceremonies allowing students and the families to experience the joy of accomplishment and the anticipation of the next step.  Other forms could be as simple as lighting a candle while saying a prayer or burying mementos.

We, as human beings, thrive on rituals because they help us keep and develop our connections with others and ourselves.  So be mindful when you or those you love are going through transitions and celebrate those moments in life.  They will make you stronger and bring you closer to your best self!  If you’re not sure how to honor a transition or create a ritual/ceremony for one, contact us and we can help you!

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