We are bombarded daily with pessimism and cynicism – from the news, society, and even family and friends. If we are not cognizant of this, it can affect our outlook and attitude and even potentially impact our behaviors. Occasionally it can even derail us from our path to having the life for which we are striving.

So what can we do to ensure that we do not let the negativity in and disrupt our journey? The best defense against its influence is positivity, and here are five ways to boost it in your life.

  1. See a Michael Franti show! Music is uplifting for the soul, and going to concerts puts you in a crowd of people that are dancing and singing and enjoying the moments. Michael Franti is a musician whose message is all about spreading love. His hope for the world is that everyone is happy, healthy and equal. You cannot help but get a huge dose of positivity at one of his shows!


  1. Treat yourself to an experience you love! What better way to turn around a moment than to do something you enjoy like getting a massage, soaking in a hot spring, going to the gym, or whatever you do that you appreciate and makes you feel good about yourself? Giving yourself love is a great way to fuel confidence and positive energy!


  1. Express gratitude for all of the wonderful gifts in your life! When you express gratitude for cherished connections, skills you have developed, experiences you have had, and accomplishments (even the small ones) in your life, you boost the hormones in your brain as well as your immune system. Your body will automatically feel better!


  1. Do a random act of kindness! Spend time volunteering for an afternoon. Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger. Send someone you have not spoken with in a while a message that you are thinking of them. Give someone a compliment. Smile at everyone you see. These simple acts can improve someone else’s day, and it feels good to know that you can have that kind of impact on the world!


  1. Get inspired! Spend quality time with someone that is a positive influence; see a speaker that inspires you, or take a class on something you would like to learn. You could also join a networking group to be around like-minded people that will let you know you are not alone in whatever you are trying to accomplish; you will get the opportunity to meet amazing people!

In addition to these, be sure to filter the sources of information (gadgets, people, media) and experiences in your life to concentrate on those that lift you up rather than bring you down. And set boundaries for yourself about how you want to create more positivity in your life.

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