Emotional Wellness

The Secret to Resiliency

This is a guest blog from our preferred partner, Jess, of Radiant Self Care! First, let’s talk about what resilience actually is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the actual definition is as follows: resilience noun | re·sil·ience | ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s 1: the...

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So often we look up from years of pushing. Pushing to make sure we are successful in our jobs, supportive of our families, and to fulfill the expectations of the people in our lives and by the time we pause to look in the mirror, we find ourselves wondering, "What...

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Boost Your Positivity!

We are bombarded daily with pessimism and cynicism – from the news, society, and even family and friends. If we are not cognizant of this, it can affect our outlook and attitude and even potentially impact our behaviors. Occasionally it can even derail us from our...

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Why just one day to show love?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every February. Getting dinner reservations around that time is difficult. It is the second busiest time of year for florists (to Mother’s Day). People scramble to buy gifts for their loved one(s), many at the last minute. The day is...

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Projecting Fear

Fear is a big topic, one of my favorites. It’s instinctual, it comes up often spontaneously, and sometimes it’s so forefront of our thoughts that it keeps us from speaking and acting even when our best interest is at stake. What I’m writing about today is the...

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What’s Your Problem?

Whether it's the "bleeding heart liberals" or the "right wing fascists" or human rights, or animal rights, peace, war, Coke, or Pepsi, people have opinions! After all, we are entitled at the very least to have one! I had gone to pick up a dear friend of mine who upon...

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A Father’s Day Reflection

I grew up in a home where I was loved warmly by two parents...I am the fortunate beneficiary of parents who were, and still are, great supporters of my life, even if they don’t always understand my modes, tactics, and philosophies. Thank you both for the opportunity...

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How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

We’ve all experienced loss in our lives – from missing out on a big opportunity to the death of a family member.  And we’ve all likely been hurt in relationships, many of us more than once.  This loss is not easy to deal with, and we often try to mask the pain from...

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Dealing with Family at the Holidays

Most people struggle with distress at the holidays. Days are shorter, the weather gets gloomier, media is full of commercialism, schedules get tighter, sleep suffers, food and drink are simultaneously less healthy and more available, and personal fuses get shorter. We...

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Every Ending Brings a Beginning

I have been contemplating the concept of death.  It was brought up on our spirit adventure trip in Costa Rica where one day we discussed what it meant to each of us.  And then just five days later I learned of a sudden death in my immediate family – my sister-in-law...

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