I’m entering a dangerous area here because there is something serious happening. A topic of great political and emotional charge, and a serious hot button for hopefully all of America is being exposed. You may struggle with what I’m about to say. Yes, I am a man talking about an issue that affects women far more heavily than men, and that’s the very reason I am compelled to write this. I am a man who believes in his own evolution, and I do my best to stay open to learning about myself and the world around me. If there is a problem with anything this article says, I hope that you might choose to educate me with patience and kindness as I am ensconced with good intentions.

We are in the midst of a spiritual, cultural, and social evolution. Taken all together, the abuse women have suffered at the hands of men of all walks is the very reason we are seeing this courageous movement of feminine voice which will create not only equity in gender, but perhaps a complete turning of the tide where we are being led by women who speak truth to power and derail our outdated patriarchic ways.

The #metoo movement began as far back as 2015, likely earlier. Back then it was a smoldering coal waiting to catch fire. It was a broad social discontent which began stirring the nation’s unrest with disturbing realizations coming to light surrounding #blacklivesmatter, police cameras, and the class war which picked up steam (to name a few). With all this going on, it seems the early stories from women regarding sexual misconduct were brushed aside. We are all too distractible with social media and the constant onslaught of outrageous and negative material that seems to never end. Perhaps that is why #metoo took so long to find it’s righteous place.

There is a 3-fold evolution that needs to be moved through; by women, by men, and as a culture and society.

Women, your evolution, which has already begun, is your voice. Speaking truth to power, rising up, getting involved with community, work, family, and government in ways we haven’t seen before. Your creative force is necessary to the evolution of our culture. You are the nurturers, the wisdom holders, and we need to hear and see your strength. Your wisdom, whether a victim of sexual misconduct or not, from all the years of witnessing male privilege and the fallacy of what has been created as a result can now be acted upon. What’s critical to understand is that men are still needed, and how men are fostered and brought along in this evolution can harbor a safe space for this change to occur. Subtlety is no longer a useful tool, but the “2×4” method is very often not the answer either. There is some fine line in there which I struggle to articulate as I am not a woman, but when I see it, it echoes through my soul and leaves me wanting to see and hear more!

Men, your evolution which has been resisted for too long, consists of becoming a listener, to develop your skills of empathy, and to become a defender of truth and the supporter of those speaking it regardless of consequences. You may require help with this; be brave, for our previous generations may not have had the tools to pass down to you to help create a new modern man. The tools are waiting for you, and regardless of how evolved and enlightened you consider yourself, there is much work to be done, this is on you. We must breakdown what we’ve learned. We must be willing to acknowledge that our older generations had to create new ways for themselves which are now obsolete. We have been taught to be providers, to control our emotions, to be aggressive, and to seek status and monetary wealth in pursuit of the American dream. These teachings have fallen down over the decades with new equalities emerging in communities, families, and in the workplace. Due to these social shifts there has been an emasculation which has occurred organically for men, and it’s time to realize that we need to make some drastic changes. You can see the changes by the decade; the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc. offer stark contrasts to one another in respective gender roles. It is upon you to learn, embrace, and support what your community needs from you. It’s just not enough to do things the way dad did them anymore. Together we stand, divided we fall. Our ways have created division. Recognize that, and see that your role needs to shift away from the all-knowing and all-controlling repressor of a collective society that needs more from you. We are better than we’ve allowed ourselves to be, and it’s time to release ourselves from the trap of power.

We are looking at the manifestation of a cultural shift. From centuries of shifting towards equity, we haven’t changed as much as we’d like to believe. We’ve passed legislation to create both gender and racial equality, which can only do so much. What it doesn’t do is influence those who would use discrimination to hold down those seeking to work with the legislation; it simply represses them. In other words, legislation doesn’t educate the ignorant; it’s just a band-aid on a festering wound. We are now presented with the opportunity to create an environment where the once quieted voices now need to be heard. There is no one life that is worth less than the other.

As a culture, we have a lot of work to do. Working together to create a new environment which reflects true community values is it at hand. We can no longer rely on our culture of capitalism as a compass for what’s best for our lives and our children’s lives. We can now co-create an America which represents the truth of the people, not the persona created by generations of celebrities and politicians and news outlets. Let’s build a new American dream which consists of equitable relationships, values, community, and the wisdom of a people who refuse to do things as status-quo. #TheAmericanEvolution #CultureEvolution

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