Many people feel they don’t have enough adventure in their lives. They get into a routine, which may be productive and positive, but can also become boring, stressful and even cause some to get “stuck” in a life they are not happy with and can begin to resent. Because it engages us cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally, adventure breaks us free of daily routines, and studies find that this leads to learning. Research also shows that adventure reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts motivation, memory, problem solving, confidence, self-awareness, resilience and self-esteem.

With all these positive results, what exactly is adventure? It is a daring and exciting activity/experience that may have risk and could be hazardous. In order to change and live the life we want, we have to take risks. So adventure is a necessary part of living uninhibitedly. This doesn’t mean that you have to go jump out of an airplane. Each individual perceives risk differently, and therefore ‘adventure’ can vary from person to person. It is simply something that combines physical and mental challenges often within a natural environment. It can be as simple as being vulnerable enough to share yourself with others or trying new activities for the first time.

I personally thrive on adventure and try to inject it into my life regularly. I like to take risks and try things even knowing I might fail. You never now unless you try! I just got back from a trip I took on my own to another country to expand my learning of shamanic practice, reflect on my life, and challenge myself to activate some new practices in achieving my goals. While there, I explored on my own, connected with some new people, and did some things for the first time. These sorts of adventurous experiences help move me forward in my journey faster than I do in my regular life.

At Uninhibited Wellness we exist to inspire people in their lives through adventure. We want you to push your boundaries and overcome any challenges to having the lifestyle you desire. So come adventure with us – it will change your life, give you more confidence in who you are and what you want, and empower you to have a stronger impact on those in your life!

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