Humans are wired for story. We love to hear them, and we love to be part of them. Our brains love stories because they help explain why things are happening and why we feel the way we do. Storytelling is a large industry as well as part of the tapestry of our history. It is the way in which lessons are learned and shared. They can cage us (when inaccurate assumptions are made as part of them), and they can set us free (when we learn the real story). I would like to share a story here.

There was a young woman who worked hard in school, got good grades, made her parents proud, got a good job and continued to work hard to be successful. She received promotions, got higher positions, and achieved awards for her work performance. She met a successful young man, fell in love and was married. She continued on this path, driven to excel in all areas of her life.

One day this young woman felt she was suffocating in her job, in her relationship, in her life and began to question all of it. She began to feel unsure of herself and unworthy of the praise others would give her about her accomplishments. How could this be? Didn’t having a good job earning a good salary and being married to a successful man mean that she was successful and had a wonderful life? How could she question what she had when many others had so much less and faced tremendous challenges? Yet she did – she felt unfulfilled, drained, depressed…even dead inside.

So many people come to this similar place even though their journey there was different. While the details of each story differ, the stories have a common theme weaving through them. We are conditioned and live our lives largely unconscious at first until we realize what is happening. And then, with courage, we can awaken to who we really are inside, become conscious and rise, like the Phoenix. We can make the choice to live our lives consciously, uninhibitedly, authentic to who we truly are. That’s when the story turns around, and we become the hero conquering what was holding us back.

And yes, I am the woman in the story – and so are you and others that you know. I have reawakened and work to live my life uninhibitedly every day. It is not easy, it takes courage and work and support and self love. And you can too! You get to write your story – be the hero and give it a happy ending!

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