A vacation is “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling”…the purpose of vacation is to fill up/refill your personal fuel tank. The question is – do you make/take the time for vacation?

Studies show that up to 55% of Americans don’t take all of their paid vacation. Your car wouldn’t run on empty, and neither do you (for very long anyway)! It is important to take time off from work – it is important to take time off from your everyday life! You deserve breaks from all of your responsibilities to simply relax, have fun and spend time with yourself.

Vacation – whether you travel or stay home – is an excellent way to get in touch with yourself, recharge your batteries and make progress on the journey to your best self. We encourage you to not only take time off, but to try new experiences, meet new people, and create an adventure (an unusual and exciting experience or activity) for yourself when you do. This is when growth really occurs – when you conquer fears and step into the unknown. It can also bring new levels of joy and excitement into your life and possibly some new close friends!

We at Uninhibited Wellness offer such a vacation – an uninhibited spirit adventure. This adventure enables a small group of people the opportunity to travel to a paradisiacal place to engage in self-exploration, challenge themselves with physical activities, experience the local culture, dance on the beach, stargaze under the late night sky, and participate in guided coaching, meditation and yoga with the goals of growth and expansion of mind, body and spirit. We actually leave in a few days for the 2017 adventure!

There are numerous vacations available depending on where you’d like to go, what you’d like to experience, with whom you’d like to travel, and what you are willing to spend. You just have to put in a little time searching for the sort of group and activities you believe would be a match for how you want to spend your time. You can also create your own vacation – the possibilities are limitless! The important thing is to make the time to take vacations! And we invite you to get outside your comfort zone and go somewhere or do something you haven’t before. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it!

If you’d like more information about our uninhibited spirit adventure and how to join us in 2018, contact us for a FREE consultation!

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