This blog post is inspired by my late grandfather, Daniel DeMarco.

We’ve just come through a very stressful time of year when we’ve eaten a king’s feast (several times over), spent a queen’s purse worth of money on gifts, and polished it all off by drinking kegs full into the new year all while adding the pressure of a new year’s resolution. Here we are now, already halfway through January in 2016, time moves fast and our lives, thoughts, and emotions can run wild and get away from us. So I say let’s hit the “reset button”!

Easier said than done? Maybe. Maybe not. Close your eyes for a moment and take yourself back over the last year. Find yourself in the moments of great inspiration, of accomplishments big or small, moments when you’ve gone out of your way to do something kind for someone, or maybe someone went out of their way to be kind to you, meals shared, children reared, and evil smote.

Keep these thoughts in mind and bring yourself to a place of deep gratitude and sit with it for a few minutes and really let it sink in, feel it.

My hope is that maybe you shed a tear or two as you realize how very blessed you are to be who you are. Ask yourself, “How can I create more of these moments?” As you think about this, realizing that there is only now. This is the exact moment that you get to use your power and your creative energy to make a meaningful moment. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow might never be, and so NOW is your time!

The reason this is dedicated to my grandfather is because we received a special message from a stranger recently and he was recalling my grandfather’s sharp wit, intelligence, and his presence when making human connection. I believe part of him lives through me in that I try to make these traits a part of my daily practice. Be aware of yourself now, and make changes now…it’s really all we have. So, make your lives extraordinary and carpe your diem with gusto!!!

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